Tuition Information

Houston Christian High School is an independent, interdenominational school with the mission of providing dynamic, engaging education to Houston families. 
Rate Tuition Activity Fee New Student
Tuition Rate (9-10) $23,675 $600 $400
Tuition Rate (Grades 11-12) $23,675 $650 $400
9th Grade Guaranteed Tuition Rate $25,500 $600 $400


Rate One Payment Two Payments* Ten Payments**
Regular Tuition Rate Plan (9th & 10th) $23,675.00 $12,192.63 $2,509.55
Regular Tuition Plan (11th & 12th) $23,725.00 $12,218.38 $2,514.85
9th Grade Guaranteed Tuition Rate $25,500.00 $13,132.50 $2,703.00

* This option includes a service charge of 3%.
** This option includes a service charge of 6%.
All payments made by credit or debit card will be assessed an additional convenience fee of 2.85%.

List of 12 items.

  • Activity Fee

    The Activity Fee covers specific student activities and benefits such as class retreats, yearbook, and out-of-town trips for competitions. The Activity Fee for 11th and 12th grades also includes Prom and Commencement. The Activity Fee also includes membership dues to the Mustang Parent Council, which provides funding for student activities, fellowship, teacher appreciation, and other supporting activities.
  • Athletics

    Participation in a JV or Varsity sport does involve additional costs, principally for practice gear, equipment (if applicable), pre- or post-game meals, photographs, and awards banquet. These fees range from approximately $100 to $700 per sport depending on the number of competitions and the amount of required personal gear.
  • Club Dues

    Certain clubs such as National Honor Society, Student Council, D-Groups, Debate Club, Thespian Society, or Robotics may assess minimal dues (typically $20-$25) to cover the cost of meals and sponsored activities.
  • Costumes

    Cheerleaders, dancers, drill team members, and theatrical performers will incur costs for costumes, makeup, shoes, and possibly summer camp (if applicable). These costs range from approximately $250 to $1,000.
  • Distinctive Programs Tuition

    Students enrolled in either the Distinguished Scholars Program (DSP) or the Program for College Readiness (PCR) will be charged an additional tuition.
  • Fine Arts

    Participants in band, choir and orchestra must purchase performance attire from the School prior to the first concert performance. This cost ranges from $150-$400. Additionally, the cast and crew of the Spring musical performance may be assessed additional fees to cover the cost of meals and transportation during late rehearsals at the performance venue.
  • Laptop

    All new students are required to purchase a laptop from the School. The cost is publicized each May, but is generally approximately $2,400.
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  • New Student Fee

    The New Student Fee is a one-time charge per student and supports the ongoing mission and campus facilities of HC.
  • Optional Trips

    The School offers several national and international trips through its “Beyond These Walls” global awareness programs. These trips are optional. The cost of these trips is not included in tuition and can range from $1,200 to $6,000. Required curricular and co-curricular field trips are generally included in, or significantly subsidized by, tuition and fees.
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  • Strength and Conditioning Training

    Students may elect to receive professional strength and conditioning training, provided by Dynamic Sports Training, in the Harrell Family Strength and Conditioning Center. Training times are available before school, after school, and during Independent Learning Time, in addition to any training that may be provided by the athletics coaches. To be eligible to receive training and instruction under the direction and supervision of Dynamic Sports Training, there is an annual fee of $200 (optional for all students except Football.) This fee is mandatory for football players.
  • Testing

    The School charges $20 to 10th and 11th grade students for PSAT Testing.
  • Textbooks and Supplies

    All students are required to purchase textbooks, calculators, and other supplies adopted by the School. The cost of textbooks will vary by grade and subject depending on the teachers’ choices and the availability of used textbooks. The cost per student for textbooks ranges annually from approximately $350-$750. The calculator is a one-time required purchase of $150.
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Financial Aid

The School offers a generous program of financial assistance to families who are not able to afford the full cost of enrollment at Houston Christian, which may include alternative payment arrangements, need-based financial aid, and/or vouchers. If you believe that you would need assistance or special arrangements, you may visit our Affording Houston Christian page for more information or submit your financial aid application


If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please direct them to Carol LaCook in the business office at (713) 580-6092.