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Forever A Mustang

Embedded in Houston Christian High School’s Mission Statement is the commitment to Community. As one of our Core Values, we make it a priority to build and cherish it. Whether a student, parent or close community friend, you Experience Community. It is a Community Forever to treasure. You are Forever A Mustang.

The emphasis on community building brings not only a renewed sense of joy but greater strength and support for the mission. A deeper look into Houston Christian’s community by way of its academic programs and spiritual formation testifies to the importance of teacher-student relationships, research-based pedagogy, freedom of inquiry, multidimensional leadership training, accommodations for learning differences, and celebrating and enriching “school life” through community groups.

Likewise, the manifestation of the mission is supported by an experienced faculty and staff who foster collegial relations and a willingness to serve one another within the context of the mission. Well-nurtured students from many backgrounds contribute to the welfare of this community by learning more about themselves, the world, and their potential to lead. This strong Core Value is why our enrollment continues to grow year after year and how we stay a family with a 97% retention rate.

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  • Mustang Students

    Houston Christian’s extracurricular activities closely align with the mission and vision of the school to provide students with opportunities to lead and pursue passions through uniting Christian values with their God-given gifts and talents. HC extracurricular programs achieve positive results in preparing their students for the future but, most importantly, provide a community full of relationships that extend beyond their time here. Houston Christian has 26 active student clubs on campus, ranging from nationally recognized organizations such as Student Council and National Honor Society to student-founded clubs based on student interest. 

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  • Mustang Parents

    Parents are engaged through many opportunities to participate in activities and support the school by building community. The Mustang Parent Council is a broad organization that is divided into four committees: fellowship, hospitality, promotions, and support. The New Family Mentorship Program supports new families by providing guidance and orientation to HC and the high school experience. They create relationships and find themselves more involved in the community earlier because they are encouraged to be involved. Many families then volunteer to be mentors due to their experience as a new family. 

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  • Mustang Alums

    The Houston Christian Alumni Association is composed of every graduate of Houston Christian. Once our students cross the stage and toss their caps, they always have community support. Forever A Mustang. The special relationships forged with teachers, staff members, current students, and fellow alumni promise to last a lifetime. Our alumni are tangible proof that what Houston Christian has to offer is life-impacting and world-impacting.  

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