The Bush Center

Passport to Lead

Engages young people to lead by uniting faith, intellect, and gifts to reach their greatest promise.
At The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders, we believe that all students have leadership potential and their particular gifts, talents, and skills can be enhanced through biblically-based education, training, and development.

We believe that leadership is a process, not a position; therefore, the broad goal of our leadership program is to promote a culture of engaged and spiritual leadership at Houston Christian.

All Houston Christian students participate in the Passport to Lead program. Those who are able to exhibit their engagement with an understanding of the leadership outcomes will be recognized with a leadership distinction on their diploma at the culmination of the four year journey. Passport to Lead began in the fall of 2006 to lead, monitor, and evaluate program effectiveness.

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  • Curriculum and Requirements

    Passport to Lead teaches students five dimensions of leadership: Spiritual, Personal, Interpersonal, Managerial, and Organizational. Students learn how character is critical, practice selflessness through volunteering, and experience how to work successfully in a group environment through the “Mustang Challenge,” a day of fun mental, tactile, and physical team games.

    Students will complete traditional teaching assignments, such as attending classroom lectures, textbook study, and written reports, along with a quarterly movie analysis, and attending guest lectures. The movies chosen display specific leadership types through the characters and provide material for discussions. Previous movies shown include “Master and Commander,” “Gladiator,” “Apollo 13,” “The Emperor’s Club,” “Countdown to D-Day,” and “Chariots of Fire.”

    Students also must complete four activities and one optional activity in all five dimensions of the program by the end of their senior year.
  • Textbooks

    “The Leadership Moment” by Michael Useem
    “Robert E. Lee on Leadership” by H. W. Crocker III
    And “Centurion Principles” by Colonel (Retired) Jeff O'Leary
  • Benefits

    • Specialized T-shirt
    • At the end of their sophomore year if they are on track they qualify for a summer wilderness trip in southwest Colorado where they are taught teamwork.
    • At the end of their junior year if they are on track they receive a letter of recommendation signed by the Houston Christian Chairman of the Board.
    • If they successfully complete the program they graduate with a distinctive red sash, they are recognized when they receive their diploma, they have their diploma embossed with the distinctive Passport to Lead logo, and they receive a considerable scholarship to apply to their college.

    We integrate leadership topics in the curriculum of every course taught at Houston Christian. Every instructor is required to teach one leadership class per quarter, giving Houston Christian graduates close to 30 hours of leadership training. Biblically-based leadership principles are taught in Bible, literature, history, mathematics, arts, and athletics.
  • Studies in Leadership

    This leadership track is an elective course designed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The course is taught by the Leadership Program Director and is
    student-centered learning with many individual, team, and group activities. The objective is for students to gain an understanding of all five dimensions
    of leadership so that they can apply this newly gained knowledge to go out as Christian young men and women and make a difference in their schools,
    communities, our nation and beyond. Students will learn that character is critical, they will experience selflessness through activities, and will practice how to work successfully in a group environment.

The Leadership Honor Code

I understand that Houston Christian High School takes an open stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and encourages students to grow in grace and in knowledge of Christ. As a leader, I pledge to live according to the Code of Conduct that has been established for my own good and for the good of the entire community. I further understand that if I violate or witness other members of the Houston Christian High School community violating any of the Code's standards, I am obligated to immediately report such violations to the Honor Council.