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Parent Resources

Welcome to our Parent Resource page at Houston Christian High School! We are excited to help you assist your student in reaching their full promise! 
Choosing a high school and traveling through the teenage years can be challenging to both students as well as parents, and it’s our goal to assist you along the way.

Our Teens + blog, Head of School podcast, and seminars are designed to promote wellness and purpose among our students, both here at school and at home. We will post resources for you, as parents, to encourage open and honest conversations with your students about issues that teens face today. We believe that through effective partnerships between school and home, we can foster an environment in which your student can thrive and discover their life callings.

Campus culture at Houston Christian is rooted in our four Core Values: Honor, Community, Heritage, and Scholarship. Through discipleship and student mentoring, our student body is encouraged to practice integrity and stay accountable to their fellow classmates. Every student is assigned to a community group, which provides a place to interact with their mentor and peers, and fosters supportive relationships and promotes service to the community. We challenge our upperclassmen to lead by example and teach all students the importance of leaving a legacy that will honor Christ and make their parents proud.

Houston Christian promotes discovery and engagement, giving students ample opportunities to seek various avenues of interest. In addition to fine arts and athletics, there is a wide variety of school-sponsored clubs and student-led organizations accessible to all students. Students who can't find an existing organization that aligns with their passions are encouraged to start a club. This allows them to grow in leadership and provide opportunities for other students with similar passions to come alongside and create a network of like-minded peers. Students may also advance in leadership by serving as a camp counselor, discipleship group leader, and in our leadership program.

Our primary goal is to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility within our students for their decision-making and interactions with others, both on and off campus. Our mission is to support our students by helping them find their place at school -- to get involved and develop leadership qualities they can take into college and throughout life. If there's anything we can do to assist your child, please don't hesitate to reach out.
HC parents joined Dr. Darren Price for our Principal Preview event on Wednesday, August 24 at 7 PM in the Pampell Family Chapel. Dr. Price presented our latest accomplishments, introduced key faculty and staff members, and provided insight into our theme and focus of this academic year. Below are resources shared during his presentation.