Program for College Readiness

Academic Support

Much like the process of guiding a climber up a mountain, Houston Christian’s Program for College Readiness helps students find distinctive pathways to connecting and maximizing their academic strengths and abilities.
Each student is unique in their learning style and the way in which they process and evaluate information.  The clear, focused goal of an exemplary education is the same. At HC, we understand the qualities that make each student unique are the qualities to be celebrated and nurtured as a student strives to develop independent learning strategies and reach personal goals.
The Program for College Readiness is a specialized program exclusive to Houston Christian High School designed to vigorously support students with mild to moderate diagnosed learning differences. Our tiered approach to the program allows students the specific support they need as they mature during their time at Houston Christian. The goal of the Program for College Readiness is to empower students to take charge of their learning.

If you are applying to PCR, please indicate this on your application by checking YES to PCR interest.

About Our Program

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  • Goal

    The goal of PCR is to be able to use self-advocacy and other acquired academic skills to propel them in high school, college, and beyond.
  • Staff

    Learning specialists collaborate regularly with classroom teachers to support the most effective learning environment for PCR students.
  • Tiered Support

    The PCR is built to support the progression of students as they advance to higher stages of independent learning. This support is divided into four tiers.
    • Tier I - Academic Strategies*: Designed for freshmen as a transition to higher-level academia. Instruction is primarily in the form of strategies for students to use to become more efficient and effective learners. Emphasis on learning styles, organizational skills, study skills, writing, language skills, note-taking, test-taking, and time management.
    • Tier II - Advanced Academic*: This tier provides resources that allow students to dig deeper into time management, study skills, and personalized academic strategies. College-level preparation work is emphasized.
    • Tier III – Maintenance: This tier is open to students who have been enrolled in PCR at HC for at least a year and have become independent learners. A PCR staff member is assigned to monitor and assist each Tier III student.

    • Tier IV – Maintenance: This tier serves as a mentorship and meets bi-monthly with the PCR Director to discuss academic progress. Strategies of organization, time management, and academic skills will be discussed when needed.
    *Only students enrolled in PCR have access to Houston Christian’s testing Accommodation Center (TAC) for quiet test-taking and extended time on exams. We feel strongly that if a student comes to HC in need of accommodations, he/she is likely in need of, and will benefit from, strategy classes.
  • Individual Accommodation Plan

    An Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) is written for each PCR student, identifying accommodations needed to facilitate classroom success. Each IAP is reviewed by the PCR staff as well as the student’s teachers. The student and parents work with the PCR staff in closely monitoring the IAP. In Tier III, grades are monitored weekly by a designated PCR staff member and closely monitor how the IAP is working with the students grade performance.
  • Fee Schedule

    • Tier One - 4:1 (Up to four students to one PCR class teacher) - $6,500 per year additional fee
    • Tier Two - 6:1 (Up to six students to one PCR class teacher) - $5,775 per year additional fee
    • Tier Three - Maintenance - $3,750 per year additional fee
    • Tier Four - Maintenance - $1,050 per year additional fee

Program for College Readiness Staff

Karen Arnold 
Program for College Readiness Director
Edgewood College - B.A.
University of St. Thomas - M.Ed.
University of Houston - Ed.D.
United States Naval Academy
Jill Hogue 
Program for College Readiness Instructor; Cheer Assistant Coach
Tarleton State University - B.A.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - M.A.
Raymond Bean 
Program for College Readiness Test Center Coordinator; Cross Country Head Coach; Track Assistant Coach
Texas Southern University - B.B.A.
Phoenix University - M.B.A.