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Distinguished Scholars Program

The Distinguished Scholars Program provides high-achieving students an enhanced learning environment where they can explore and build the skill set needed to become the next generation of leaders. Mirroring collegiate graduate programs, Scholars select a topic of choice to research mastering the building blocks of communication as they strive to learn more and explore different perspectives culminating in a written thesis and oral defense.

Scholars are introduced to research methods which include theory, ethics, networking, proposal preparation, data collection, and presentation of findings. DSP is designed to create a social collaborative community creating a bridge to other disciplines which propels them into successful collegiate careers and beyond. The skills and relationships built through this program develop our Scholars into world leaders by instilling a lifelong love of learning.

The Distinguished Scholars Program is an avenue for Scholars to gain radical amazement where they discover, develop and strengthen the gifts which God has given them. Faced with an increasingly competitive collegiate admissions process, the program equips Scholars to sit among the nation’s top applicants for the most selective universities.

About Our Program

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  • Our Mission

    Through enhanced academic rigor, our scholars:
    • DEMONSTRATE analytical thought
    • DISSECT philosophical and ethical perspectives
    • DEBATE current and cultural events within a biblical worldview
    • DEVELOP professional writing skills, including APA format and research methods
    • DESIGN methodologies and statistical trends
  • Teaching Model

    Scholars utilize Costa and Kallik’s “Habits of the Mind”- behaving intelligently when confronted with problems - empowering them to successfully advocate and lead in professional settings. The program’s collaborative teaching model and individual focus challenge students through cross-disciplinary assignments emphasizing vital life skills, focusing on interpersonal, cross-cultural, and personal communication.
  • Program Advantages

    • One-on-one instructor tutoring
    • Peer review and faculty mentoring
    • Sense of community and belonging
    • Thesis topics are personalized
    • International travel opportunities
    • Global learning
    • Social and leadership events
    • Team building activities
  • DSP Students Advance

    Our Scholars advance on to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country, including:
    • Duke University
    • Harvard University
    • George Washington University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Pepperdine University
    • United States Service Academies
    • Vanderbilt University
  • Program Tuition

    The Distinguished Scholars Program tuition is $3,850, effective for the 2024-2025 school year.

Hear from Our Scholars

Samuel Johnson

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.