Excel at Houston Christian

Christian Worldview

Houston Christian High School engages students in an empowering, dynamic education from a Christian worldview developing young adults into effective and impactful leaders. With nearly 70 percent of its faculty awarded advanced degrees, Houston Christian provides rigorous, collegiate-style academic programs where students are challenged to discover their potential and to become difference-makers in their communities.

A Houston Christian education goes beyond a transference of knowledge and develops a rich culture of learning and inquiry that has produced National Merit Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, perfect SAT and ACT scores, and graduates who attend the most esteemed universities in the country. In addition, our graduating classes regularly receive more than $7 million in collegiate scholarships. Our alumni frequent corporate boardrooms, Broadway stages, courtrooms, pulpits, and classrooms around the world. We take pride in the success of our students and look forward to celebrating future graduates as they positively contribute to communities around the globe through their careers and service.

Explore the links below to read specifically on how each of our departments works toward student success. We welcome your questions and look forward to partnering with you on your students’ educational journey.

The HC Difference

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  • Block Schedule

    Houston Christian High School uses a A/B Day block schedule, with classes typically meeting for 80 minutes. With four classes meeting each day, students are able to explore topics more deeply than shorter class periods allow. For adolescents, their brains like new ideas and activities but completely switching from one subject and teacher to another can be exhausting and it takes time to think deeply about a topic. 

    In this block setting, a student has four different teachers and subjects to explore on a given day. It allows students time to get help between class meetings from a teacher or peer to clarify learning or receive additional help on the off day for a class. For Houston Christian students, we also flip the blocks so they meet at different times of the day. Students experience a class on Monday first thing in the morning and then a flip day allows them to experience it in the afternoon on Wednesday. This provides teachers different time periods to engage students and anyone with a teenager knows they engage differently at different times of the day. 

    Lastly, the Houston Christian schedule gives students a taste of what will be expected of them at the university level and supports their development of time management skills.  Houston Christian seeks to prepare students for more than academic success with the learning environment they create at the high school level. 
  • Curriculum

    Houston Christian High School offers an enriching and dynamic education from a Christian perspective aimed at developing young adults into effective and impactful leaders. Our academic programs are designed to challenge students to discover their potential and become difference-makers in their communities. You can explore our Course Catalog to learn more about how each of our departments works toward student success. We are excited to partner with you on your student's educational journey.

    Click here to learn more about our Curriculum Overview.
  • Counseling & Guidance

    Houston Christian High School offers a comprehensive counseling program that strives to challenge and encourage students to grow into young men and women of strong Christian faith, high academic achievement, and moral responsibility.
    College counseling at Houston Christian is active, intentional, and individualized, beginning in ninth grade and continuing through the end of senior year. Students and parents are provided with the tools to navigate the increasingly competitive and complicated college application process by offering individual and group meetings, visits with college representatives, an annual college tour, workshops for parents and students, and individual advising on all aspects of the college search and application process.

    Click here to learn more about Counseling & College Guidance at HC. 
  • Technology

    Technology is an integral part of the learning process at Houston Christian High School. The school utilizes the latest technologies to enhance the learning experience for all students. The cornerstone of the technology program is the one-to-one laptop initiative. All students have a laptop computer that provides access to online curriculum resources. Laptops operate in an 802.11n environment that allows wireless access to the Internet and the internal network from locations across the campus.

    In addition to the one-to-one laptop initiative, the campus technology program includes classroom projectors, printers, document cameras, SMARTBoards and a business class network that incorporates both industry and educational software titles.