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The Us in Mustangs

Our mission sets us apart. You are not simply and only defined as an athlete, scholar, or artist. Rather you are given the opportunity to discover, expand, and hone your talents to glorify God.

Opportunities abound at HC, from outstanding out-of-classroom experiences around the world with our Beyond These Walls travel program to the 5 leadership dimensions incorporated into every level of the curriculum. Leadership at HC is not confined to the classroom. 

Connect with a friend over a smoothie from UnCommon Cup in the Livingston Learning Commons. Build a friendship while leading a student club. Grow deeper in your faith with your community group in the Pampell Family Chapel. 

Student Clubs

Houston Christian High School empowers its students to pursue their passions and build community around topics and activities they love. From rock climbing to fashion design, our students gather on and off campus to experience the world around them and to discover, develop, and fulfill their life-callings.

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  • Bible Study Club

    Purpose: To form a Christ-centered community that actively tries to grow in their faith by studying the Bible, to spread the word and love of God, to create a Christ-centered community, and to grow spiritually alongside others.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    The Officer positions are President, Vice President, and Chaplain.
  • Biking Club

    Club Purpose: to educate students about biking and cycling, provide information on bike safety and promote a community committed to healthy living and fun exercise.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    The Officer positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer/Secretary, Chaplain
  • Black Student Union

    For more details, click here to view the club's Instagram. 
  • Chaplain's Club

    Club Purpose: to unite and further equip HC campus student chaplains for effective service in various clubs, organizations, and teams at HC through mentorship by HC faculty/staff. This club will also serve as a place for interested students to learn more about chaplaincy for future service in HC clubs, organizations, teams, and spiritual leadership positions. 
  • ComedySportz

    For more details, click here to read about this program on our Theatre webpage and click here to view the club's Instagram.
  • Discipleship Groups

    Club Purpose:
    D-Groups serve as a monthly rally point for students who are followers of Christ and/or seekers, wanting to learn more about walking with God. The core of the D-Group ministry is the peer-led Bible study/discipleship groups that meet monthly led by upperclassmen D-Group leaders.
  • Diversity Club

    Club Purpose:
    To provide a safe and inclusive space for all members of the school community regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or ability. Enhance the school climate by ensuring that all students are accepted and can have a place to be themselves.
    Leadership Opportunities:
    President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Affairs, Chaplain, and faculty sponsor. 
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Club Purpose:
    So that people can have a self-driven story that a small party of people can choose what to do in which they can enjoy and bond over.

    Leadership opportunities:
    President, Vice President, DMs, and faculty sponsor.
  • Fashion Club

    Club Purpose:
    To share a common interest, knowledge, and potential college major in fashion and interior design.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing, Chaplain/Outreach, and faculty sponsor. 

    For more details, click here to view the club's Instagram.
  • Fishing Club

    Club Purpose:
    To learn and extend our knowledge of fishing and patience and to create a closer relationship with our peers and God.

    Leadership opportunities:
    The Officer positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Male and Female Chaplain, Fish Manager, and faculty sponsor.
  • Future Entrepreneurs will & Investors Club

    Purpose: to provide opportunities to learn and gain experience for its members, such as mock stock investment trials, challenges in starting a business, and discussions of books by known entrepreneurs, as well as guest speakers, will be offered for members to participate in.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    President, Vice President, Secretary, and Chaplain. 
  • Interact Club

    For more details, click here to view the club's Instagram. 
  • International Thespian Society

    International Association's Mission:
    Shaping lives through theatre education; honoring student achievement in theatre; supporting teachers by providing professional development, resources, and recognition; and influencing public opinion that theatre education is essential and builds life skills. 

    For more details, click here for the Thespian Troupe Handbook.
  • Magnum Opus Club

    To encourage creativity in the visual and literary arts at HC and to edit the Magnum Opus Literary and Arts Magazine.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    Head Writing Editors (2), Head Art Editors (2), and faculty sponsor.

    Click here to view the latest issue. 
  • Math Club

    Club Purpose:
    Learn and refine problem-solving strategies, get opportunities to participate in Math Competitions, explore topics not covered in core math classes (including Number Theory, Logic, and Combinatorics), and have fun / do math! (Those two are equivalent.)

    Leadership Opportunities:
    President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain, and faculty sponsor. 
  • Model United Nations

  • National Honor Society

    To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the members.

    Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character criteria. 

    Eligibility: Must be members of the sophomore, junior, or senior class, enrolled for a period equivalent to two semesters at Houston Christian, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 93 on a 100 scale. Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, and character.
  • StangTech Robotics Club

    Club Purpose:
    Participate and excel in robotics competitions like the North Houston BEST Robotics Competition, and to positively impact the community through Christ-like service and mentorship.

    Leadership Opportunities:
    President, Project Manager: Engineering, Project Manager: Business, Robot Team Lead, Build Team Lead, Marketing Team Lead, and faculty sponsor. 

    For more details, click here to view the club's Instagram.
  • Student Ambassadors Program

    Student Ambassadors are expected to exemplify school spirit, as well as have extensive knowledge of the school. The role you will play in the school community means that you must represent the program and yourself as a responsible leader.  As a student ambassador, your attendance at our Admissions Events will be required as well as participating in giving school tours and assisting the Admissions office with various activities (i.e.) 8th Grade Visits, Shadow visits, yield events, etc. 
  • Student Council

    Club Mission:
    The mission of the Houston Christian Student Council is to glorify God (Psalm 86:12), be a witness for Jesus Christ to the world (Matthew 28:19), promote student involvement, and represent the school as student leaders.

    Club Membership and Leadership:
    1. The membership of the council shall consist of Executive Officers and Class Representatives.
    2. The ten members of the Senior Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Chaplains, Public Relations, and three Class Representatives.
    3. In addition to the Senior Board Members, there shall be three Class Presidents, three Class Vice Presidents and two representatives of the freshman and sophomore classes, and four representatives of the junior class.
  • The Royal Tea Society

    Club Purpose:
    Because of the tremendous interest in the British and other royal families, the Royal Tea Society seeks to promote fellowship and discussion among those who wish to know more about royalty and the history of the UK.
  • YoungLife

    Club Purpose:
    To share the gospel with HC students and make disciples through the form of group events, contact work (leaders hanging out with kids one on one or in small groups), and small group bible study.

    Leadership opportunities:
    President, Student Leader, Adult Leader, and faculty sponsor. 

    For more details, click here to view the club's Instagram.