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With the only high school leadership center bearing the name and integrating the leadership legacies of a U.S. president, our dedicated and intentional space develops scholarship and leadership among gifted students from across the world.
In a time when ethical leadership is in decline, The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders equips and inspires people to implement the leadership principles of the 41st president to positively influence their communities and beyond. The Bush Center promotes the development of scholarship and leadership through the cultivation and study of faith and moral guidelines for all ages and we welcome you to explore our site and see how we can partner together to illuminate the world for good.

In 2011, our Head of School, Dr. Stephen Livingston, and Board Member, Jeff Reeter, joined George & Barbara Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine to discuss the idea of a Leadership Center for High School students.  They cited a study from Harvard Business Review which concluded that the average age leadership skills are taught is around 10 years after they first start in a supervisory role.  The idea of purposefully teaching leadership concepts and skills in multiple programs and courses to high school students was, and still is, innovative and impactful.  President and Mrs. Bush were intrigued by the concept, and with their blessing thus was born The George & Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. 
Housed on the campus of Houston Christian High School, The Bush Center boasts the largest collection of President Bush artifacts in Houston, Texas, where each component tells the story of the President and First Lady’s work while in office and their relentless efforts in helping to build young leaders.

Currently in The Bush Center

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  • DSP Researches at Texas A&M Library

    During our recent visit, our 10th-grade class of the Distinguished Scholars Program received research guidance from experts at the Sterling C. Evans Library located at Texas A&M University. The students were taught search strategies and worked on preliminary research for their upcoming projects, utilizing the powerful engines available at Texas A&M. We are grateful for our connection with Texas A&M, which contributes to our continuous commitment to providing the highest academic standard at Houston Christian High School.
  • Mustang Girls Talk Tech

    Five students from Houston Christian High School participated in the ConocoPhillips Girls Talk Tech Fest before Christmas Break. Mustangs Oliva Wilson ’25, Natalie Taufer ’24, Sydnor Duffy ’24, Karli Kapche ’24, and Sarah Guild ‘24 attended the event where they learned about the daily work life of a panel of ConocoPhillips staff members, received hands-on coding and training, and toured the ConocoPhillips building. We want to express our gratitude to ConocoPhillips for inviting our students to the Girls Talk Tech Fest 2023, and we value the connections that our students established while learning. 
  • Ambassador Ashby Visits DSP

    Through a partnership with the World Affairs Council-Houston, The Bush Center hosted Former Ambassador to Uruguay Christopher Ashby.  Ambassador Ashby interacted with our Distinguished Scholars Program students as well as our Model UN Club.  We appreciate our partnership with the World Affairs Council and their dedication to bringing the world into the classroom!
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Programs of Distinction

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  • Distinguished Scholars Program

    The Distinguished Scholars Program provides high-achieving students with an enhanced learning environment where they can explore and build the skill set needed to become the next generation of leaders. Mirroring collegiate graduate programs, Scholars select a topic of choice to research mastering the building blocks of communication as they strive to learn more and explore different perspectives culminating in a written thesis and oral defense.

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  • Passport to Lead

    All Houston Christian students participate in the Passport to Lead program. Those who are able to exhibit their engagement with an understanding of the leadership outcomes will be recognized with a leadership distinction on their diploma at the culmination of the four-year journey. Passport to Lead began in the fall of 2006 to lead, monitor, and evaluate program effectiveness.

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  • Innovation Studies

    We understand innovation as the process of creating thoughtful solutions to important questions. Innovation runs throughout the story of Houston Christian’s beginning and its remarkable growth. As our world is everchanging, we see the need for industry, finance, governments, and educators to innovate. This experience confirmed our belief that cultivating an innovative mindset is essential to equip our students to shape their future. We are intentionally integrating innovation into the Houston Christian leadership experience.   

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  • International Student Leadership Program

    The International Student Leadership Program brings together future leaders through the study of the world’s most impactful leaders and how they accomplished their life’s work. You will conduct case studies, cultural analysis, and develop your own leadership philosophy so you can walk into any scenario with confidence. 

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  • Photo of Mindy Dickerson

    Mindy Dickerson 

    Director of The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders
  • Photo of Scott Cubbler

    Scott Cubbler 

    Passport to Lead Program Director
  • Photo of Lisa Hawkins

    Lisa Hawkins 

    Innovation Programs Associate Director
  • Photo of Jenny Honeck

    Jenny Honeck 

    Instructor, ISLP/Leadership
  • Photo of Jenna LaFlamme

    Jenna LaFlamme 

    Distinguished Scholars Program Assistant Director; Instructor