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Innovative Path To the Future

The Houston Christian vision statement is to inspire young people to lead, uniting, faith, intellect, and gifts to reach their greatest promise. We see evidence of this vision actualized daily through engaging academic classes, enriching co-curricular opportunities, intentional spiritual mentoring, and distinctive specialized programs such as Distinguished Scholars, Passport to Lead, and Innovation Studies. This vision, adopted by the school, is thoughtful and vital and drives what happens within this community. As we look ahead to the future, we are excited for new opportunities ahead to live out the vision.

We understand innovation as the process of creating thoughtful solutions to important questions. Innovation runs throughout the story of Houston Christian’s beginning and its remarkable growth. As our world is everchanging, we see the need for industry, finance, governments, and educators to innovate. This experience confirmed our belief that cultivating an innovative mindset is essential to equip our students to shape their future. We are intentionally integrating innovation into the Houston Christian leadership experience. 

The student experience

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  • Experiential Learning

    Learn by doing. Try, test, learn, pivot, and try again.
  • Design Mindset

    Foster mindsets that catalyze creative courage, conversation, reflection, community-building, storytelling, and action.
  • Interdisciplinary Scope

    Engage with meaningful problems and solutions that are strengthened through the knowledge and approach of two or more academic disciplines.
  • Leadership and Service

    Address questions that facilitate the development of student leadership skills and that function to serve the common good

Innovation around campus

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  • Course: Innovation for Social Impact

    What does it mean to be a changemaker? How might I use my interests and skills to make a meaningful impact? What role can I play in responding to complex global and local issues? Innovation for Social Impact students explore critical global issues within the spheres of society, environment, culture, and economics. Students build the skills of changemakers as they learn and practice frameworks of Design Thinking, research, and collaboration. This project-based course will connect students to local and global partners actively engaged in real problems in their communities. In the second semester, student teams undertake projects related to a selected issue and are guided through the process of planning, implementation, evaluation, and reflection. Students will build the skills of leaders, thinkers, and communicators as they work to achieve tangible and measurable goals designed for meaningful impact. 
  • Club: StangTech Robotics

    StangTech Robotics, rooted in faith and driven by innovation, exists to elevate the community through authentic mentorship and responsible engineering. StangTech was started in 2015 and has won several 1st Place BEST Awards in the local North Houston hub competition, along with many top finishes in the Regional Competition. Stangtech has supported the community by working with programs that exist to provide safe pathways for youth to grow through sports, education, and mentoring programs based on Christian principles.

    At Houston Christian, our robotics club is separated into different teams, each assigned to a different aspect of the BEST Robotics competition. Each team must complete various tasks, ranging from professional business proposals to the challenging process of iterative design. The club utilizes equipment and consumable resources to solve a real-world problem with an original product and compete against other schools for the BEST Robotics Awards. 
  • HC Innovative History

    Historically speaking, Houston Christian has consistently taken the innovative path toward the fulfillment of its mission. In 1998, the founding trustees opened an interdenominational school. Soon thereafter, we introduced a one-to-one laptop to the student technology program in support of learning. Several years later, we created the first high school learning commons in this region to improve upon traditional library services. We then created the Distinguished Scholars program to provide academically rigorous research opportunities for qualifying students and joined with President and Mrs. Bush to create the first presidential leadership training center in the nation for high school students. And most recently, we took an innovative approach with an Indexed Tuition model to ensure Houston Christian serves a broad cross-section of students needing financial aid support. Individually, each of these steps is notable and, at their time of inception, set Houston Christian apart from other schools. Collectively, they characterize a school unwilling to rely on past success but, in fact, maintains a bold, strategic path towards excellence, distinctly forward thinking and relevant to a new generation of leaders. To this end, we continue vigorously pursuing a dynamic education that uniquely defines the Houston Christian experience, one that honors God and His calling upon the lives of those who serve and learn at this institution.


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    Lisa Hawkins 

    Innovation Programs Associate Director
    University of North Carolina-Greensboro - B.A.
    Montana State University - M.S.