find your unique sound

Whether you’re drawn to Ludwig van Beethoven or John Philip Sousa, the Mustang Band will help you find your own unique sound.

Open to students of all skill levels in all grades, this class offers a progressive learning situation and gives students the opportunity to find expression through playing woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments.

Students will learn a variety of musical and rehearsal techniques necessary to elevate individual and group performances to an artistic level. The Mustang Band, and it’s phenomenal Drumline, is the highlight of many school activities, including Friday night football games, pep rallies, and even the school’s annual theatre productions.

Members of the Mustang Band have the opportunity to perform in district and state band competitions, solo/ensemble contests, semester and holiday concerts, and an annual spring band trip.

Students are encouraged to remain active in this class for four years. Rehearsals occur during the Fine Arts period prior to traditional classes every school day with extra rehearsals scheduled as needed. Relaxed auditions are required for placement.

Mustang Band Drumline


Congratulations to our Band Director, Brian Brown, for winning Best Music Direction from the Tommy Tunes Awards for the Theatreworks' 2022
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