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We are distinguished by our mission. Student-athletes, scholars, and artists are not the sole definitions of what a student is; they have the opportunity to discover, explore, and cultivate their talents to glorify God. At Houston Christian, a Christ-centered community and excellent academics are not mutually exclusive but fully integrated. A student at Houston Christian can perform in the choir before school and make the winning touchdown on the football field Friday night while also achieving academic excellence. Come Discover Houston Christian, and learn what is means to Be A Mustang!

At Houston Christian, you can do more, learn more, experience more, and be more.

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Welcome to Houston Christian,

Our mission sets us apart. Students are not simply and only defined as athlete, scholar, or artist. Rather they are given the opportunity to discover, expand, and hone their talents to glorify God.

When parents are asked for a word or phrase that captures what they desire for their children’s high school experience, the answers are many. Let me share a few of their words with you: “balance, community, college preparedness, a deeper relationship with the Lord, partnership in the classroom between parents and the school, opportunity, nourishment, memories for a lifetime and FUN!” I am sure many of you have the same desires and prayers for your children.

Through our small class sizes, competitive sports, more than 20 fine and performing arts courses, free inquiry in classroom discussion, and 16 Advanced Placement courses, we can fulfill your desires for your student’s high school years.

Students, we know that you will be leaders of and change agents in our world and you will do so with the experiences you have had on your educational journey.

Houston Christian established and defined 5 leadership dimensions which are incorporated into every facet and level of curriculum. If a school claims to be dedicated to equipping students to be leaders for the future, it is imperative that students are given the tools needed to meet that goal!

We know we are meeting the needs of our students in 21st century education to carry them not just to college but ultimately to their life-calling.

A Christ-filled community and stellar academics are not mutually exclusive at Houston Christian but integrated fully and without compromise. Whether we like it or not all schools transmit values. A Houston Christian education has relevance because it helps students build a moral compass – Good or bad, moral standards are learned by our teens from the people who surround them. Many schools lack the freedom to define these values or take a neutral stance. We believe there is no such thing. All educators take a position in the way they live and work before young people. Even the absence of faith is a faith-based decision.

At Houston Christian, we build our students’ knowledge and understanding of God’s Word through all academic disciplines and equip them as leaders to serve where their gifts and abilities take them. Houston Christian is intentional in meeting the talents of our students and providing them with an opportunity to be more.

At Houston Christian, a student can sing in the choir before school and make the winning touchdown on the football field Friday night while being a scholar in the classroom. They can use their hands to throw on the pottery wheel and then dig a volleyball in the afternoon. At Houston Christian, you can do more, learn more, experience more, and be more.

We are here to help you during this exciting time! Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Peace & blessings,
Admissions Office

Admissions Staff

Melanie Wallace
Director of Admission
University of Houston - B.S.
University of Houston, Clear Lake - M.S.
Heather Rosandich
Associate Director of Admissions
Taunya Rawls
Admissions Assistant; Summer Camp Coordinator
Prairie View A&M University - B.B.A.