Affording Houston Christian: Indexed Tuition

Houston Christian High School promises to remain accessible to our families through humility and transparency, as we strive to remain leaders in the private school community for generations to come.

The Mustang Mission

Tuition is no longer a one-size fits all model at Houston Christian.
Houston Christian High School is thrilled to partner with you in your educational journey. We are committed to providing you and your student the support needed to have an engaging and successful high school career. 

To be considered in the first round of indexed tiers, please apply and have all supporting documentation submitted by February 7, 2022. Please do not begin the IT application until November 1, 2021.

If you see your income in one of the tiers below,
you may qualify to pay the amount in the applicable tuition range. 

What Matters?

Houston Christian evaluates the entirety of a family’s financial situation, such as annual income, assets and debts, and the number of students attending tuition-paying schools before placing them in one of the five tuition tiers. This allows families to immediately see the potential cost of their education.