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The Mustang Mission

Houston Christian High School promises to remain accessible to our families through humility and transparency as we strive to remain leaders in the private school community for generations to come.

Tuition is no longer a one-size fits all model at Houston Christian.

Houston Christian High School is thrilled to partner with you in your educational journey. We are committed to providing you and your student the support needed to have an engaging and successful high school career. 

To be considered in the first round of indexed tiers, please apply and have all supporting documentation submitted by February 7, 2024. Please do not begin the IT application until November 1, 2023.

What Matters?

Houston Christian evaluates the entirety of a family’s financial situation, such as annual income, assets and debts, and the number of students attending tuition-paying schools before placing them in one of the six tuition tiers. This allows families to immediately see the potential cost of their education.

When calculating your household income, please remember the following: If two parents live in the same home, even if one is a step-parent, both of their incomes must be reported. If biological parents do not live in the same household but both care for the child, both incomes must be reported. For divorced parents, any child support or alimony must be reported. If a parent fails to file, an IRS Verification of Non-filing Letter (4506-T) will be necessary during the enrollment process.
*The Indexed Tuition rate for families who choose not to apply for an Indexed Tuition Adjustment is $30,412. Families may still apply for an Indexed Tuition Adjustment if their income is above $220,000; however, results may vary.

How To Apply

Houston Christian uses a third-party (independent) processor called Clarity for the secure collection of financial data and the evaluation of financial need. Complete the Clarity application by February 7th for first priority Indexed Tuition decisions. 

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  • Step 1: Apply for HC admission by December 15

    Your first step is to apply for admission to Houston Christian, which you can do by clicking this link. The deadline is December 15.
  • Step 2: Apply for Indexed Tuition through Clarity application

    Apply for Indexed Tuition rate using Clarity application. HC will begin accepting applications for Indexed Tuition on November 1. On or after November 1, click here and fill out the application. You will be prompted to provide information regarding family and dependents, household income, expenses, assets, and debt. You will be required to upload your latest income tax information (see our Checklist for Documents Needed). A complex calculation is run based upon the family information that you have provided and the school receives a report showing an estimate of how much the family can contribute to a private school education.

    You may start the application and save it for future entry and completion at a later date. You do not need to complete the application in one sitting. It should take you approximately 45 minutes to complete the application once you have gathered your information. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until the deadline to begin. After you have completed and paid for your application you will need to submit the required documents. It's important to note the difference between the deadlines for application and Indexed Tuition applications. Our deadline for financial aid applications is February 7, 2024. 

    Click here to access Clarity application. 
  • Step 3: Verification & Review

    Clarity will notify HC when your application is completed and verified, at which time HC will convene a committee for review. Remember, your submission by February 7, 2024, ensures that your application will be considered in HC's first round of decisions.
  • Step 4: Notification of Award

    All information is kept strictly confidential. Decisions are made by a committee of school employees who view summarized information. Indexed tuition is reflected in the enrollment contract when issued.
  • Additional Information

    Top 10 Tips For Completing Your Indexed Tuition Application

    2. Complete only one application per household. In the case of divorced or separated parents, each parent needs to file a separate but linked application.
    3. Use your legal name. Make sure the name on your application appears exactly the way your name appears on your tax documents.
    4. Enter whole numbers. When entering numbers, round to the nearest whole number, do not use decimals or cents. Understand that all monetary values must be in US dollars.
    5. Differentiate applications from dependence. Questions about "student applicants" refer to your children who are applying for financial aid via Clarity. Questions about "other dependence" refer to the children (or adults) for whom you provide support but are not applying for financial aid. 
    6. Separate salary from profit. If you are a business owner or a farm owner, you will be asked about your salary in the family income section. Enter only the amount you actually draw as salary (as reported on your W-2). You will provide information about profit/loss elsewhere in the application. 
    7. Estimate your taxes. We realize that most tax forms are not available until late January. If you don't have your current year's taxes available, it's OK to estimate your answers based on your previous year's tax return. 
    8. Tell your story. Offer explanations when requested, so your story or situation is clear and understandable to those reviewing your application. 
    9. Be honest. Take time to carefully consider how much you think you can pay towards tuition on your own. Make a budget of income and expenses, and see how much you can include for school costs. 
    10. Questions? Call if you have questions about the application process, please contact Clarity Call Center at 1-866-390-3118, open 24/7.
  • Fine Print

    • Indexed Tuition is one way in which we support families drawn to the mission of our school. Approximately 37% of our students receive adjusted tuition under our Indexed Tuition program. 
    • Indexed Tuition is based solely on financial need. Scholastic, athletic or artistic ability is not considered absent financial need. 
    • HC admits students of any race, color, and national ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally a corded or made available to students. HC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national ethnic origin in administration of it educational policies, admission policy, Indexed Tuition and financial aid programs, and any extracurricular program. 
    • Indexed Tuition is a program applicable for admission to HC. There are no additional indices for the PCR and DSP programs nor is PCR or DSP tuition considered in the determination of financial need.  
    • Indexed Tuition is determined through a process that is equitable for all applicants and it takes into consideration three primary factors: household income; number of dependents attending tuition-based schools (including undergraduate college programs); and available resources. Additional special circumstances may apply. 
    • The school may limit the number of students excepted in any given index based on the financial constraints of the school considering such factors as anticipated enrollment, charitable giving, and endowment earnings. 
    • HC does not manipulate that process to the advantage of one applicant over another. HC does not negotiate Indexed Tuition nor use Indexed Tuition as a negotiation tool. 


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