• Taher Inc Cooks Up Leadership at HC

    Our students enjoyed learning from Executive Chef Josh Lankford from Taher, Inc., who provided stories and videos from his travels abroad as well as delicious and innovative Asian Fusion food! Chef Lankford connected food to memories of family, love, and creating new memories. Leadership, entrepreneurship, delicious treats, and Mustangs make for a great experience. Thank you, Taher Inc!
  • DSP Visits George H. W. Bush Office

    Our Bush Center Distinguished Scholars Program students were gifted the opportunity to tour the Houston office of George H. W. Bush, which he occupied after his Presidency. The George & Barbara Bush Foundation has preserved the office, and our students were able to hear the history of the artwork, photos, and artifacts. The students got to sign the guest book, and the highlight was when they got to sit in President Bush’s chair. We appreciate our partnership with The George & Barbara Bush Foundation and look forward to additional opportunities in the future! HC Leading the Way!
  • HC Announces New Chaplain, Loren Hopf

    We are excited about our new addition to the Chaplains Office; Loren Hopf is the new Women's Chaplain at Houston Christian High School. In 2022, she was recognized with the National Bible Teacher of the Year award by the Herzog Foundation. This prestigious accolade is a testament to Hopf's unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions to the teaching of the Bible. Hopf previously served as a Bible Instructor at Second Baptist School. Her passion for guiding teenagers toward a deeper understanding and connection with God through His word is a calling that she takes to heart. Her compassionate and caring nature has earned her the admiration and respect of her students and colleagues alike. Hopf is a true inspiration and has left an indelible mark on the lives of all those she has had the privilege of teaching, already making a HUGE impact at HC. Welcome, Loren!
  • Soochow University Partners with HC

    Last week, we were delighted to welcome four Taiwanese undergraduate university students to our campus. These students aspire to become teachers and are pursuing education as their field of choice. Dr. Lee, a professor at Soochow University in Taiwan, has been organizing visits for his students to HC since 2014. Out of the four students, three are focused on English, and one is interested in pursuing a career in math education. Dr. Lee's objective was to expose them to different teaching styles, and what better place than HC with our exceptional faculty? We see this as another way we steward our God-given gifts to invest in others. HC leading the way!
  • HC Announces New Director of Development, Jenny Rice Cotton

    We are delighted to share the news of Jenny Rice Cotton's appointment as the new Director of Development at Houston Christian High School. Jenny brings over 20 years of experience in fundraising, philanthropy, and non-profit work, making her a valuable addition to our organization.

    In her previous roles at STARRY and Gracewood, a Children At Heart Ministry, Jenny has successfully led fundraising campaigns and secured significant donations for non-profit organizations. Her passion for making a difference in the community aligns with our school's mission of providing high-quality Christian education to our students.

    As the Director of Development, Jenny will work closely with our board of directors, staff, and community members to establish relationships with donors and identify new funding opportunities. We are grateful for Jenny's dedication, and we are confident that her leadership and vision will help us achieve our fundraising goals and advance our mission of providing a Christ-centered education to our students. Jenny has already made a positive impact on our community. Welcome, Jenny!
  • HC Announces New Bush Center Director, Mindy Dickerson

    Mrs. Mindy Dickerson has been appointed as the Director of The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. Mrs. Dickerson is a developer of leaders, boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education. Since August 2017, Mrs. Dickerson served as the principal of Paetow High School. Due to her outstanding leadership and steadfast commitment, she earned the prestigious title of Principal of the Year. Mrs. Dickerson's exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience in the education sector have already significantly benefited the Bush Center programs and the Houston Christian community. Welcome, Mrs. Dickerson!
  • Tommy Tune Award Spotlight: TUTS Scholarship

    Senior Tony Stevens was awarded the Tommy Tune Scholarship during this year's Tommy Tune Awards Ceremony. The scholarship is presented by TUTS to exceptional students who participate in the Tommy Tune Awards. To be considered, students had to meet specific criteria set by the Scholarship committee, and the competition was fierce, with many talented students from all over Houston. Tony has been an integral part of 8 at Houston Christian High School shows, including Newsies (which was nominated for Best Actor), Guys and Dolls (nominated for Outstanding Lead, Singer, and Actor), Clue, Crazy For You, A Magical Showcase, A Murder is Announced, A Christmas Story, and Arsenic and Old Lace. Along with his success in theatre, Tony has also held the position of Secretary for the International Thespian Society. He is an active member of the National Honor Society, StangGang Spirit Group, D-Groups, and Student Council. Tony will attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in Radio, Television, and Film. Congratulations, Tony!
  • HC Baseball Makes Community Impact

    Last weekend, the Houston Christian High School Baseball team took part in a wonderful community initiative. Coach Tom Gladney and students Will Jackson, Jeb Burkhart, Cooper Gregory, Jake Chenoweth, Barret Faterkowski, and Finn Duty volunteered as "buddies" for The Miracle League at Langham Creek YMCA. The Miracle League is a baseball league specifically for children with special needs, founded by Allan Wallace in 2012. 

    The Houston Christian student-athletes showed tremendous patience and care towards the players they worked with, bringing joy and smiles not only to the players but also to their appreciative parents. Every parent expressed their gratitude for the selfless efforts of the Houston Christian team after the games. 
    Allan Wallace, the League Founder, commented that our Mustangs displayed exceptional leadership qualities and respect in their interactions with the special needs children. He also noted that their contribution to the initiative was invaluable and has made a lasting impact on the children's lives. 

    Houston Christian High School's involvement in community service is a testament to the values and principles we instill in our students. The team's service to the community is greatly appreciated and truly a blessing. #GOMUSTANGS
  • HC Theatreworks Takes Home 5 Tommy Tune Awards

    The annual Tommy Tune Awards, on May 4, 2023, proved to be an unforgettable experience for the students of HC Theatreworks, who showcased their talents in a high-octane rendition of "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat." Their performance was met with resounding applause from fellow theater programs in the area, who lauded the school's professionalism, polish, joyfulness, and enthusiasm. In fact, one parent was so impressed by the turnout of supporters that they inquired if the entire school was present. Another school was taken aback by the abundance of talent among such a small school, exclaiming that HC Theatreworks "packed a punch." It was an honor for Houston Christian to be the only private school to make it to the Finalist for Outstanding Musical, placing among the top 7 theater performances in the greater Houston area. Such an achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, staff, and supporters of HC Theatreworks.

    The Tommy Tune Award WINNERS from Houston Christian High School:
    Outstanding Director: 
    Dr. Bobby Linhart and Student Director Allen Currier, Houston Christian High School, Guys and Dolls

    Outstanding Choreography: 
    Dr. Bobby Linhart, Melissa Tyler and student choreographer Anoushka Patel, Houston Christian High School, Guys and Dolls

    Outstanding Technical Achievement: 
    Houston Christian High School, Guys and Dolls

    Outstanding Dancer: 
    Anoushka Patel, Houston Christian High School, Guys and Dolls

    TUTS Scholarship Award Winner:
    Tony Stevens 

    To learn more about the winners and nominations, visit the link below.
  • Tommy Tune Award Spotlight: Outstanding Director

    The recent production of Guys and Dolls by Houston Christian High School was a resounding success, earning Dr. Robert Linhart and student-director Allan Currier the prestigious Outstanding Director Award. This isn't the first time Dr. Linhart has received this award; in fact, he was recognized with the same award for his work on Newsies last year! We are truly fortunate to have such gifted and dedicated directors leading our students and helping them to create truly unforgettable performances. With great pleasure, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Linhart and Allan Currier on this remarkable back-to-back win!
  • Mustangs Shine at JCL Area 2023 Convention

    Salvēte, Omnēs! Our Mustangs competed in the JCL Area Convention this past Saturday. We are so proud of the work they put into their academic preparation, art projects, and athletics. The HC Latin team earned 39 individual awards, adding up to 2nd Place Overall in the Small School Division! In addition, every single member of our team contributed to our overall win with at least one individual win. Please see below to view the list of students and their individual wins. Congratulations to all, and ITE EQUES! (Go Mustangs!)

    Academic Tests
    Emily Cezeaux, Latin IV – Reading Comprehension, 1 st Place
    Daniel Kuo, Latin III – Ancient Geography, 1 st Place
    Evan Marie Donohue, Latin III – Roman Life, 1 st Place
    Emily Cezeaux, Latin IV – Academic Decathlon, 2 nd Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Mottoes & Abbreviations – 2 nd Place
    Ben Mize, Latin III – Latin Derivatives, 2 nd Place
    Noah Takahata, Latin III – Classical Mythology, 4 th Place
    Noah Takahata, Latin III – Academic Decathlon, 4 th Place
    Jackson Allen, Latin II – Latin Grammar, 4 th Place
    Warren Anderson, Latin III – Latin Derivatives, 5 th Place
    Harper Lee, Latin II – Classical Mythology, 5 th Place
    Harper Lee, Latin II – Academic Pentathlon, Magna Cum Laude
    Jackson Allen, Latin II – Academic Pentathlon, Magna Cum Laude
    Noah Takahata, Latin III – Academic Pentathlon, Cum Laude
    Daniel Kuo, Latin III – Academic Pentathlon, Cum Laude
    Catherine Sanders, Latin II – Academic Pentathlon, Cum Laude

    Artistic Projects
    Emily Cezeaux, Latin IV – Traditional Photography, 1 st Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Mixed Media, 1 st Place
    Ben Mize, Latin III – Modern Trebuchet Build, 1 st Place
    Evan Marie Donohue, Latin III – Costume – 1 st Place
    Harper Lee, Latin II – Mosaic, 1 st Place
    Warren Anderson, Latin III – Computer-Enhanced Photography, 2 nd Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Watercolor/Pastel, 2 nd Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Acrylic/Oil, 2 nd Place
    Xichuan (Juicy) Ju, Latin III – Electronic Art, 2 nd Place
    Emily Cezeaux, Latin IV – Polychromatic Art, 3 rd Place
    Warren Anderson, Latin III – Poetry, 3 rd Place
    Noah Takahata, Latin III – Poster, 3 rd Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Sculpture, 4 th Place
    Evan Marie Donohue, Latin III – Miscellaneous Art – 5 th Place
    Xichuan (Juicy) Ju, Latin III – Model – 6 th Place

    Noah Takahata, Latin III - Fitness Gram Pacer Test, 1 st Place
    Jeb Burkhart, Latin II – Softball Throw, 1 st Place
    Ben Mize & Warren Anderson, Latin III – Badminton, 2 nd Place
    Warren Anderson, Latin III – 200 M Dash, 3 rd Place
    Jackson Allen, Latin II – Frisbee Throw, 3 rd Place
    Emily Cezeaux, Latin IV – Softball Throw, 4 th Place
    Maddie Carmichael, Latin III – Frisbee Throw, 4 th Place
    Xichuan (Juicy) Ju, Latin III – Softball Throw – 5 th Place

  • HC Swim Brings Home Gold in 2023 SPC Championship

    Eight swimmers and one diver represented HCHS this weekend in at the SPC State Championships in Lewisville, Texas. The HCHS girls placed 3rd, and the HCHS boys placed 6th in the 3A state-wide competition.
    First-year diver and freshman Rex Wiseman earned 1st place in the SPC 3A State Diving Championship with a score of 265.45 – a personal best and season-best score. Rex is an avid trampolinist. With a lot of hard work, practice, perseverance, and skill, Rex translated his skills into competitive diving. Rex scored 9 team points.

    The Mustang swim team was led by finalists Senior Matthew Thibault. Junior Kendall Wallace and Freshman Clark McCormick:

    Senior Matthew Thibault placed 2nd in State in the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.57. In the 100-yard freestyle, Matthew placed 8th place, dropping nearly a second, with a personal best and seasonal-best time of 56.28.  

    Junior Kendall Wallace placed 1st in State in the 50 freestyle with a time of 24.73, and Kendall placed
    2nd in State in the 100 Breaststroke with a 1:07.51. Kendall was a high point scorer for the girls swimming with 16 points.

    Freshman Clark McCormick placed 2nd in State in the 200 Individual Medley with a time of 2:.33.71 and placed 5th in the 100-yard free with a 1:01.42.  

    Freshman Bekah Gerard placed 4th in State in the 100 Breaststroke with a 1:19.61 and placed 7th in the 50 freestyle with a time of 29.86.   

    Nate Sun placed fourth in the 100 Fly with a 57.40 (56.93 Personal Best and Season Best). In the 100 Breaststroke, Nate also placed 4th with a season-best time of 1:10.12. Nate was a high point scorer for boys swimming with 10 points.

    Micah Gordon had a season-best performance and personal-best time 1:14.91 in the 100 Breaststroke and also had a season and personal-best time in the 50 freestyle at a time of 27.31.

    Jordan Bany’s butterfly leg of the 2OO Medley Relay proved invaluable as a member; they placed 3rd in State.

    In addition, Jordan placed 11 in the 100 backstroke and 15 in the 50 Free.

    Victoria Lunam consistently dropped time all season. As a member of the 200 Free Relay Victory, she got a season-best and personal best time in her leg of the relay with a 30.38. Victoria also improved her time in the individual event too. During the meet, she got a season-best and personal best time, dropping more than a half second in the 50 freestyle (later beating her time again in the relay) and the 100-yard free, dropping more than 3 seconds to a 1:10.71.   

    As mentioned, the Lady Mustangs were dominant in the relays. For the first time all season, the fastest lady Mustangs combined their talents in the 2OO Medley Relay. Each lady shone in their specialty stroke.   Clark McCormick (Backstroke 33.21), Bekah Gerard (Breaststroke 35.84), Jordan Bany (Butterfly 36.16) Kendall Wallace (Freestyle 25.39) combined for a time of 2:10.60 and placed 3rd.

    In the 200 Freestyle Relay, the lady Mustangs secured the fastest time of the season, dropping close to three seconds and placing 2nd.  Junior Kendall Wallace (25.38), Freshman Victoria Lunam(30.38),  Freshman Bekah Gerard(28.04),  and Freshman Clark McCormick (25.25), combined for a time of 1:49.05. The time was only 1.47 seconds off the school record. 

    A special thanks to Matthew Thibault, Nate Sun, Micah Gordon, Rex Wiseman, Kendall Wallace, Jordan Bany, Clark McCormick, Bekah Gerard, and Victoria Lunam for all your hard work and dedication this season. Sorely missing from this year’s competition were teammates Sophomore Lucca Incerpi and Sophomore Ali Bruckner, who also had so amazing drops in times in their events this year but were unable to make this year’s competition. We hope they’ll be able to join us next year, and thank you for your hard work and dedication this season too.
  • Varsity Boys Basketball 2023 SPC Champions

    Congratulations to Houston Christian High School Boys Varsity Basketball for winning the SPC 4A Championship after an incredible winter season. Their regular season was the shining example of excellence, with an undefeated district record (7-0) prior to advancing to the tournament, leading to Saturday’s championship game.
    “I feel we were so successful this season because we loved each other. I’ve never been a part of a brotherhood like we experienced this season. We trust each other and that’s what ultimately puts us on top,” said sophomore Montana Wheeler.
    Houston Christian won the SPC 4A Championship against district rival, Episcopal, 81-78, in a double-overtime thriller against Episcopal.
    On a roster that features great talent, each player has propelled the team to another level. It's safe to say that the future of the Mustangs program is bright, given that many of the team's stars will return next season.
    “The future of Houston Christian basketball is bright,” said senior Carter Seeliger.
    We are so proud of our Mustangs!  
  • Varsity Girls Basketball 2023 SPC Champions

    The Houston Christian High School Varsity Girls' Basketball team took the SPC State title Saturday with an 71-59 win over Houston-area rival Episcopal High School. Their title win also completed their undefeated season and made for a back-to-back SPC State Title, creating history for the program.

    Entering the championship tournament, Houston Christian proved itself to be an extremely strong team, and coach Ryan Bickham credits its success to hard work and dedication. Being united was also a key factor to this team's success throughout the season.
    The team roster is filled with talent, some of which are taking it to the collegiate level next year. Senior D’Asia Thomas will play for Georgia Tech, Loghan Johnson will play for Texas Tech, and Madison Williams has committed to Hardin-Simmons University.  

    We are so proud of the leadership, mentality, and performance on and off the court. Go Mustangs!
  • Col. Travis Koch Guest Speaker on Podcast

    Last month, author and speaker David Savage invited our Passport to Lead Director and Head Boys Lacrosse Coach, Col. Travis Koch, to discuss the book “Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men” on his podcast, “Wrestling with the Inner Man.” Colonel Koch shared his insight about how God works through his leadership lessons at HC, his calling to invest in young men’s education, and his observations of the factors presented in Dr. Sax’s book.

    David Savage invites notable guests, like lead pastors, entrepreneurs, senior executives, authors, and professors, to his podcast, which shows a passion for Men’s Ministry and Biblical Truth in their community. We are so proud to have our Colonel Koch highlighted.

    Click here to listen on Spotify.
  • Houston Chronicle Features BIG Basketball Win

    "Montana Wheeler leads Houston Christian past Episcopal in season finale" is the title of Houston Chronicle's latest feature, and we could not be more proud. Montana and the entire Varsity Boys Basketball team showed heart and dedication during their last game of the SPC season against Episcopal High School on February 3, 2023. We are so blessed to see God's talents unfold on and off the court for these young men. GO MUSTANGS! 

    Click here to read the feature. 
  • Mustangs Perform at TPSMEA All-State Festival

    The TPSMEA All-State Festival was held at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson, Texas, on Saturday, January 28th, 2023. Houston Christian High School had four students from Orchestra and Choir perform: Daniel Kuo, Chloe Wilkin, Joseph Delongchamps, and Yianni Rokas. We are proud to announce that Daniel Kuo was first chair principal cellist for the All-State String Orchestra, and Yianni Rokas was first chair Bass 1 for the All-State Choir. Our students also had the opportunity to work with a choral composer and choral director Cristi Cary Miller. Join us as we congratulate these Mustangs on such an amazing achievement!
  • New Excellence in Teaching Award Display Installed

    Join us as we honor our heritage of exemplary faculty with our newly installed Excellence in Teaching Award display. The new Excellence in Teaching display was installed in Looper Hall last week and featured last year's winner, Jenna LaFlamme. Ms. LaFlamme serves as one of our English instructors and the Assistant Director of the Distinguished Scholars Program. We are blessed to have you as part of the HC family!

    Each year, at graduation, Houston Christian reveals the winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award. To be nominated, the full-time teacher must have taught at HC for a minimum of two years and meet the following criteria:
    » Actively works with students to develop leadership abilities
    » Mastery of effective teaching strategies that challenge and inspire learners to excel
    » Exhibits concern for student welfare and their personal, spiritual, and academic growth
    » Consistently portrays the Christian virtues we strive to instill in our
    » Reflects a spirit of teamwork that supports the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of HCHS

    Previous Recipients include:
    2001-2002 Bill Munson, Visual Art
    2002-2003 Linwood Brown, Mathematics
    2003-2004 Tom Wilson, Mathematics
    2004-2005 Jim Kelley, Science
    2005-2006 Jennifer Taylor, Bible
    2006-2007 Shonda Majors, Science
    2007-2008 Christine Metoyer, History
    2008-2009 Joe Mellor, Math
    2009-2010 Karen Kline, Fine Arts: Orchestra
    2010-2011 Kevin Sivils, Social Sciences
    2011-2012 Susan Perry, English
    2012-2013 John Lister, Math
    2013-2014 Linda Oldham, Science
    2014-2015 Sam Mendizabal, World Language
    2015-2016 Egypt Armstrong, Social Sciences
    2016-2017 Kathleen Coussens, Latin
    2017-2018 Jill Skufka, Bible
    2018-2019 Pam McClendon, Social Sciences
    2019-2020 Bobby Linhart, Fine Arts: Theatre
    2020-2021 Regan Ray, Math
  • National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2022-23

    We are pleased to share the list of our newest members of the 2022-23 Houston Christian National Honor Society Chapter. Our community celebrated and honored these 51 students at the NHS Induction Ceremony on January 26, 2023. Many wonderful speeches were presented, and special moments were cherished. Congratulations, Mustangs! 

    11th grade    
    Jayden Chin
    Luke Davidson
    Josh Lopez
    Sam Ohlenforst
    Moriah Schisler
    Caitlin Smith
    Donna Xue

    10th grade    
    Blaire Amador-McLarry
    MC Been
    Kiley Boyle
    Bauer Burttschell
    Maddie Carmichael
    Josh Cestero
    Noah Chang
    McKayla Childs
    Ella Condrey
    Sarah Dewhurst
    Eden Droog
    Pierce Girven
    Micah Gordon
    Mia Granados
    Raley Gregg
    Abbey Head
    Lily Herveat
    Jack Horton
    Anderson Jones
    Emmy Koehler
    Sophia Kuo
    Taylor Lankford
    Lillian Lemasters
    Taylor Mackel
    Elizabeth Mason
    Bella McDaniel
    Grace McLean
    Sydney McMeans
    Madi Melton
    Cole Montgomery
    Hadley Moore
    Olivia Nicholas
    Maddie Pickett
    Katie Pisklak
    Sami Prewitt
    Hannah Pullin
    Clay Ressling
    Hailey Stagner
    Kate Stahl
    Charlotte Vargo
    Mikayla Villafuerte
    Chloe Wilkin
    Josiah Wu
    Samuel Young
  • HC Theatreworks presents Guys & Dolls

    Houston Christian High School Theatreworks is proud to present Guys and Dolls! Our Performing Arts department has been working all season tirelessly to produce an exceptional show. Below, you will find a musical description, show times, purchase ticket link, and promotional video. Tickets are on sale NOW! 

    Set in Depression-era Times Square, Guys and Dolls is about a couple of big-city gamblers and the women who love them. It tells the overlapping stories of high-roller Sky Masterson, who falls in love with mission worker Sarah Brown, and lovable rapscallion Nathan Detroit, engaged for 14 years to Miss Adelaide, a headliner at the Hot Box Club. Nathan runs a famous floating crap game, and an ongoing plot line involves his quest for a safe place for the game as Adelaide continues her quest to convince him to marry her. Meanwhile, Sarah, mistakenly believing that Sky set up an illegal game at the mission, tries to fight her affection for the charismatic crapshooter.

    Thursday, February 16, 2023, 7 PM
    Friday, February 17, 2023, 7 PM
    Saturday, February 18, 2023, 2 PM
    Saturday, February 18, 2023, 7 PM


  • Mustangs Nominated for '23 McDonald’s All-American

    The first round of nominees for the prestigious 2023 McDonald’s All-American Games has been announced, and we are so proud to announce two of our Mustangs have been recognized for their God-given talent. Texas Tech University signee Loghan Johnson '23 and Georgia Tech University signee D'Asia Thomas '23 represent Houston Christian High School on a roster of extreme talent across the United States. The final rosters of the top 24 Boys and 24 Girls for the 2023 McDonald’s All-American Games will be announced on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, on NBA Today between 3-4 p.m. ET on ESPN. The games will be played on March 28 at the Toyota Center in Houston. We are so proud of our Mustangs! 
  • BCSL Hosts SOAR Leadership Workshop

    The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders recently hosted the first Houston Christian High School SOAR Leadership Workshop led by Mr. Bill Peel, Houston Christian Board Member and Executive Director for Innovation and Strategic Planning for Mays Business School at Texas A&M University and Dr. ‘Jon Jasperson, Assistant Dean and Clinical Professor for Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

    SOAR is a strategic thinking, planning, and leading framework focusing on strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results. Our student participants worked collaboratively alongside the presenters to apply the SOAR framework to the strategic challenge, “What are creative and innovative ideas for advancing experiential learning at Houston Christian High School?” The positive approach of the SOAR model generated opportunities for students to celebrate Houston Christian’s many strengths and imagine new possibilities. Students walked away better equipped to be capable, innovative, and positive leaders. Mustangs leading the way!
  • Science Instructor's New Book Hits #1 on Amazon

    Jon Bergmann has served as one of our Science instructors for four years. DID YOU KNOW? Mr. Bergmann has coordinated and guided learning programs around the globe. He has served as a middle and high school science teacher, lead technology facilitator, consultant/public speaker, and is now back in the classroom teaching our Mustangs. He continues to work with a few selected schools and is an active blogger and podcaster. 
    Jon has written innumerable magazine and blog articles. He is the author of ten books and has recently released a new book, The Mastery Learning Handbook: A Competency-Based Approach to Student Achievement. He works closely with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). We are so proud of his success, hitting #1 on Amazon in the “Curriculum and Instruction” category. Click the link to check it out. We are blessed to have Mr. Bergmann as part of the HC family! 
  • Alumni Spotlight: Mustang Lands Speaker of the House Staff Position

    Payson Thomas, class of 2020, has accepted a position to work for Kevin McCarthy, the new Speaker of the House. Payson will be graduating a year early, in 2023, from George Washington University.  He is currently working for Kevin as a part-time staffer and will become a full-time staffer as soon as he graduates this May. We are thrilled to see how well HC prepared him to pursue his dreams! Congratulation, Payson!
  • Ms. Leanne Messer named next Head of School

    January 4, 2023
    Dear Houston Christian Community,
    On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Houston Christian High School, it is my honor to announce that Ms. Leanne Messer has been selected as our next Head of School, effective July 1, 2023. Following a comprehensive national search and prayerful deliberation, Ms. Messer was unanimously approved by the Houston Christian High School Board of Trustees, acting upon the enthusiastic and unified recommendation of the Search Committee. 
    Ms. Messer is an educator with deep experience in Christian education. Ms. Messer brings a distinguished educational and legal career to Houston Christian. As a proven Head of School, Ms. Messer has first-hand leadership experience across all facets of a faith-based educational organization with mission and vision closely aligned to that of Houston Christian.  

    Most recently, Ms. Messer comes to us from Hyde Park Schools in Austin, where she was the Head of School from 2014 to 2022. Prior to serving at Hyde Park Schools, Ms. Messer served as the Head of School for Landmark Christian School. She led the school to record enrollment, secured the largest foundation grant in the school's history, and championed capital projects, including the construction of a new softball complex and the renovation of the existing sports complex. Leanne began her career as a high school science teacher and since then held positions as athletic director, principal, head of school, and attorney.

    A native Texan, Ms. Messer earned her undergraduate degree in Biology in 1985 from Texas Wesleyan College in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as her Master of Arts in Education Administration in 1993 from The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2007, Ms. Messer earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence in Law from Georgia State University, College of Law in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Ms. Messer has been married to her husband, Steve, for 31 years, who currently serves as Vice President of Operations for Asset Living, a third-party property management firm. Leanne and Steve have two adult sons, Mitchell, 25, and Michael, 20, and are excited to make the move to Houston in the coming months.  
    On behalf of the entire Board, I would like to thank Trustee and Search Committee Chair Kevin McDonald for his exemplary leadership throughout the process and for the countless hours devoted by our Search Committee (Suzette Estes, John Gualy, Pastor Gunner Gunderson Mike Handel, and Gail Stewart) with the invaluable assistance of our search consultants, Susan Lair and John Cooper of The Education Group. We also express our gratitude to the administrators, faculty, students, parents, and alumni who graciously took time out of their schedules to participate in the search process, providing crucial insights to the Search Committee along this year-long journey. With your help, we have conducted a prayerful, thorough, deliberate, and successful process.

    Upon commencement of her tenure, Ms. Messer will succeed Dr. Stephen M. Livingston, who will serve until the summer of 2023. To ensure a seamless transition of leadership, the Board is organizing a Transition Committee to support Ms. Messer, but each recipient of this letter has a role to play in contributing to her successful beginning. Dr. Livingston and Houston Christian's entire team will also work closely with Ms. Messer during this transition.
    Please join me in celebrating and welcoming Ms. Messer and her family to Houston Christian and to Houston. We could not be more pleased to have them join our HC family!
    Mike Gustafson
    Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Houston Christian High School

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