Back to 80s Invitation Design Wins CASE Award

Join us as we congratulate HC’s Communication and Marketing Associate, Diana Mumford, for her creative and fun gala invitation that won a CASE award! Out of 4,500 entries, her totally awesome Rubik's Cube design earned the Bronze Award.
As noted on from the CASE Award Circle of Excellence Committee, "Congratulations on capturing a place in history in the 2022 Circle of Excellence awards, the premier recognition program for the advancement sector! We received a record number of entries from members in 28 countries and recruited a record number of your peers to serve as judges, who determined your entry best represented the judging criteria for your category. This is no small feat, and you should be proud of this accomplishment and eager to share it with the world. We certainly will!"
We are very proud of this accomplishment. Her design absolutely set the mood for a fun and successful gala.
“Walkman, Pac-Man, Rubik's Cubes, and DeLoreans--just a few of the '80s great memories that lead me to design the "Back to the 80s" Gala invitation,” said Diana Mumford. “This piece specifically targets nostalgia for the 80's era with fonts, primary colors, imagery, and themes that all harken back to days gone by. The iconic title screen from 'Back to the Future' was the lead element that instantly captured the look and feel. In addition, images reminiscent of arcade games complete the goal of setting the mood and theme. In an era of a complex digital world, these more simplistic ideas were meant to strike a chord with our community. The Gala is always one of my favorite design projects to work on and this year's theme made it even more enjoyable.”