Student Art Shows Go Digital!

The HC Visual Arts Department is pleased to invite you to our online art exhibition. Our studio art students have documented their journey as artists this year to share with our HC Family. You can see Studio Art 2D & 3D here and Photography here. (Read more about our programs below.)
In level one, students learn how to see the world through the elements and principles of art. Creative problem solving and imagination are emphasized throughout the year. Verbal and written art critiques are utilized in the art-making process.

Advanced Artworks on creating a body of work using art synectic triggers to help promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to ask their own ask questions, experiment with new mediums, conduct research & experiments, communicate using the language of art (verbally or in writing), think about the information and knowledge obtained, and create works of art that reflect their discoveries. 

In our studio courses, the whole documentation, photographing of work, and creating the webpage is student-driven. This allows our students to learn how to display and communicate their artistic voice in nontraditional means that reaches a broader audience of viewers. 
Photography courses help students become well-rounded in the fundamentals of digital
photography. Students explore the Elements of Art and apply the Principles of Design in planning, developing,
documenting, creating, and verbal critiques of original works of art. Students receive
instruction, demonstration, and view samples of the desired outcomes at the beginning of
each lesson. They sometimes explore outside the classroom and shoot assignments based
on what they are learning.