Alumni Spotlight: Student Illustrator Launches Career Through History Class

Sadie Rose du Vigneaud’s illustration career began by doodling in class. A 2018 alum of Houston Christian High School, Sadie Rose took three classes while in school with social studies instructor Kevin Sivils, also an accomplished and prolific author. 

Mr. Sivils said he was looking to illustrate his 14th fiction novel, a futuristic crime noir piece featuring a clone as the main character, when he noticed Sadie Rose doodling in class. 
“She’s so talented,” he said. “I would recommend her.” 

Sadie Rose completed 12 illustrations for the novel in a comic book noir style - a type of minimalist, often black and white drawing. She said she would begin each sketch using only pen and then transfer it online and finish it in Adobe Illustrator. 

Sadie Rose said that although she normally doesn’t draw in the comic style, working on the project taught her a lot about working with a client and how to capture the desired feelings from a chapter. 
Mr. Sivils learned through the process as well. 
“It was difficult. I kept thinking, ‘How do I get her to see what’s in my mind’s eye?’” He said. 

Sadie Rose said that before she began each drawing she would read the chapter and think about the character’s expression and what they were trying to convey. 

It took the pair about a school year to complete the project, but now that it’s completed, the community of Houston Christian will have a chance to share in their work. Mr. Sivils has donated an enlarged signed copy of one of Sadie Rose’s illustrations and a copy of the book, The Girl Who Wasn’t There, as an auction item for the 2021 Gala

Sadie Rose is now attending Parsons School of Design in New York and plans to be an illustrator. Sadie Rose said she was glad she got the opportunity to illustrate for Mr. Sivils. 
“Although I don’t go toward comic books, I really enjoyed it.”