New DSP Director to be Published in Esteemed Journal

Congratulations to DSP director, Dr. Patricia Droz, on the acceptance of her article, "The Five-Year Job Interview: A call for more bureaucracy on the tenure line" for publication in College Composition and Communication, a periodical of the National Council of Teachers of English!  
With an impact factor of .91 and acceptance rate of only 10%, an article published in CCC is among the highest achievements a composition scholar can earn. Dr. Droz's collaborator on the project was her longtime co-writer and friend, University of Houston - Clear Lake professor Dr. Lorie Jacobs. Their research looked at the workload and working conditions of pre-tenure university writing faculty across the nation. Drs. Droz and Jacobs applied organizational-psychology's Job Demands-Resources (JDR) model to explain how role ambiguity creates occupational stress (a job demand), which could be mitigated by the “job resource” of greater bureaucracy, including clearer promotion and tenure guidelines and stronger feedback from supervisors in the form of a more developed performance appraisal system. They found that a more structured approach might have several benefits: reduce affective/emotional labor, improve work conditions for women and minorities, and provide departments with consistent arguments they can make to administration in favor of retaining valuable faculty members.