Thomas Gruen '07

Thomas and his wife Kelsey have recently joined staff with the missions agency, Engineering Ministries International (EMI). Tom will be serving as a structural engineer in their East Africa office located in Kampala, Uganda. They have two boys, Henry (3 yo) and Peter (2 yo) and have been in Houston since graduating college. They plan to move to Uganda in early 2019.

“Kelsey and I met at Texas A&M and soon discovered our mutual passion for ministry and missions. As God directed my path towards civil engineering, and seeing the ways it can be used to provide for the needs of the poor, the vision was cast to use engineering to serve in missions. My education at Houston Christian provided me a Biblical foundation which God used to mold my heart towards service for God. Post undergrad, I worked professionally in Houston as a civil engineer and later as a structural engineer, after receiving my master’s degree from University of Houston.
In East Africa, by way of structural engineering, I will be assisting local ministries to develop their campuses and facilities in a way that encourages and equips them to serve their communities better. EMI Uganda exists to see the Ugandan Design and Construction Industry transformed and raised to a place of regional influence, infused with individuals committed to honoring God, developing others, serving their communities, and working collaboratively and across cultures to provide transformational design and construction solutions for East Africa.”