Reid Bishop '11

A 2015 graduate of MIT with a dual B.S degree in Applied Mathematics and Management Science, earned a Master of Science in Operations Research at Georgia Tech in 2017 and is currently a PhD candidate in Operations Research at Georgia Tech, with research interests in exploiting mathematical structure in stochastic optimization and game models. Reid has research and industry project experience in modeling and data analysis for a variety of industries: CPG, sports, healthcare, national security. He still plays the bagpipes and loves baseball, but genuinely love problem-solving and is easily interested in new application areas. Reid says the fascinating part about doing applied mathematics (and the reason he chose the field in the first place) -- acting as a translator between the language of real-world problems and the language of mathematics. Other than work, Reid enjoys reading (especially biographies and theology) and baseball, and engages in his Scottish family heritage by playing the bagpipe.