Sarah Kate Elliott '17

Pi Phi and sophomore at Texas A&M University. During her freshman year she was selected to be one of 40 students at the 7-week Gilbert Leadership Conference, she is also a Young Life Leader at Rudder High School, and will be a camp counselor at Sky Ranch this summer.

"The most impactful parts of my four years at Houston Christian were the emphasis on leadership and the relationships I built with faculty and staff. Through the leadership program, I learned the significance of servant leadership and the importance of “taking care of your people,” as Colonel would say. Not only did we learn about leadership, we were given opportunities to lead. Through extracurricular activities, class projects, and trips like Globe Trek, I was able to put into practice the principles and ideas we discussed in class.
The faculty and staff also shaped my experience at Houston Christian. They care deeply about each of their students, and by getting to know them I learned so much more than just the subjects they taught. They showed me the importance of investing in people and learning from the wisdom they have to offer. These two aspects of Houston Christian shaped my experience tremendously and enabled me to grow into a better leader, student and follower of Christ."