Shelby & Zee Floris '09

The Floris family welcomed their daughter to the family in 2017. They both are enjoying their time working in ministry and welcome your prayers.

"Shelby and I moved to the Netherlands to be missionaries. Currently we are in Delft, which is about 30 minutes south of Amsterdam. We serve the church I grew up in called Levend Water. Shelby heads up their creative team. She redid the website, creates the brand around the sermon series, and also anything else marketing the church needs. My opportunities include preaching, being on the leadership and vision team, and serving as the young adults pastor.
We also serve outside of the church. Currently I volunteer on a handicapped soccer team by helping them have fun and helping them improve their soft skills. At this time Shelby and I are busy starting our own marketing company. In the Netherlands it is hard to ask someone to come to church, which is why we are bringing the church into the business world. Also I am working on getting my masters in clinical psychology to be able to become a Mental Health psychologist. In other exciting news: we are expecting a girl in November!!* We would love for you to join us on our journey by praying for God to bless us, and the people we serve."