Christopher Tutunjian '11

"When I offered my valedictory address to the Class of 2011, I chose to emphasize Houston Christian’s strong sense of family. After four years of studying in the classroom together, competing on the field together, and praying to the Lord together, our class turned from a collection of freshman from all over Houston into a family united by our pursuit of intellect, desire to serve one another, and devotion to the Lord.
These special, unbreakable bonds have certainly lasted beyond high school. My closest friends continue to be those I made at Houston Christian, and when we all get back together, it feels like we are still the teenagers in the football locker room that we were so many years ago.
So many teachers and coaches offered such mentorship and guidance to me, and I still keep in touch with many of them. Houston Christian taught me family goes beyond those with whom we share blood. Shared convictions, common pursuits, and love for each other—those are the foundations of a family, and Houston Christian abounds in them."