Tech Support for Distance Learning

Don't get lost in technology! Let us help you! Read below for instructions on how to contact our Tech Department in the upcoming weeks.
While you are attending classes online, the Tech Department will be available to help work through any issues. If you need assistance, please email The Tech Team will be monitoring this email from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. We ask for your patience as all Apple stores will be closed through March 27 and will limit what assistance we can provide.
We ask that you verify that your computer has the software TeamViewer installed on it by checking FileWave (the red flag in the top tool bar). If you don’t find TeamViewer, please download the software here This will allow us to remote into your computer if the need should arise.
If your computer is not working or damaged, you can use another computer or mobile device to do school work. If these are not available to you, please notify the school. 
Thank you for your support as we work to create a safe and healthy learning environment for your students!

HC Administration