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Honoring Founders

By naming the Bisagno Student Center and McKechnie Hall, Houston Christian permanently honors two of our founders whose vision and persistence created this school and changed Houston's academic landscape permanently. This legacy honors our past while paving the way for the future through financial stability.

Together, Brother John Bisagno and Dr. David McKechnie envisioned a school that would change Houston. With a strong and unabashed commitment to an interdenominational Christian education, Brother John and Dave worked with other Christian churches to create a school that would be a leader and guide. Our goal is to recognize their faith and commitment by giving each man permanent recognition on the school that would not be here without their vision. 

Raising $4 million would accomplish two goals: 

  • Honor our Founders and our visionary legacy. 
  • Build a strong financial structure to ensure HC's continued success. 
    • Dr. John Bisagno and Uldine Bisagno

"The students from Houston Christian are going to change the world."
    • The Rev. Dr. David McKechnie and Linda McKechnie

"Love is not paid back, it's only passed on! The Founders of Houston Christian High School really believed that. When we got together to dream about sharing the love of Christ in the world of secondary education, we prayed, researched, recruited, hoped, and hustled. Was that start auspicious? Absolutely not! There were reasons for discouragement. Schedules were redrafted. Plans revised. Architects and engineers were challenged. Financing concerns were constant. Yet, the miraculous happened. The Lord provoked and provided. Today, this educational institution honors the Lord and enthusiastically emphasizes the academics, arts, and athletics. Houston Christian High School is tangible proof that the love of Christ is not paid back, it is only passed on."
— The Rev. Dr. David G. McKechnie

Bisagno Student Center

As a central hub on campus the Student Center is at the forefront of campus-wide activity. Naming the Bisagno Student Center honors a man of great faith who brought people together to do the mighty works of God and influence the next generation of Christian leaders.

McKechnie Hall

For many years, Dave McKechnie worked tirelessly as a leader and fundraiser in support of various Christian projects with faith-based organizations and not-for-profit ministries across Houston. It is time we honor Dave for his leadership to Houston Christian and our city. For years to come, McKechnie Hall will remind future generations of his legacy as a gifted pastor and ministry leader.

The Rev. Dr. David G. McKechnie

Houston Christian High School is tangible proof that the love of Christ is not paid back, it is only passed on."