Chloe Whitewater '15

Graduating a semester early (December 2018), with her B.S. in International Relations and Diplomacy and a minor in Spanish from Seton Hall University. 

Chloe has been busy finishing up her term as President of the Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association (UDSA), formerly secretary and executive VP. They are doing a meal packing event this fall and working on bringing a TEDx talk to campus!  She is also a diplomacy school ambassador, working firsthand with the Deans to recruit prospective students.

"This past summer I interned for the Tinker Institute on International Law and Organizations and got firsthand access and experience at the UN including writing a podcast on water and gender. I attended meetings and networked with other NGO's there as well as the youth mission throughout summer sessions. 
I am currently a thematic expert on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) 5,6,& 7 and indigenous peoples for the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and will be returning to the UN this fall to represent them. 
I am also the only woman founding board member of a nonprofit: project innovate newark (PIN) it's still growing I'll admit. 
I'm a Dean's List recipient and a member of Order of Omega for my leadership in Alpha Phi's Eta Eta chapter at Seton Hall.

God is good.

Admittedly, my success in my field would not have been feasible without the encouragement I received from Metty in her courses at HC in addition to her sweet mentoring the past 6 years. Metty fostered my ambitions while aiding me to grow confidence and take a leap of faith. She believed in me before I could myself. Without Metty I would most likely be miserable in an international business calc class right now which if you ask anyone at HC who taught me math- it is not my strength. Not that my family or other resources were unhelpful, but not many people are familiar with the international relations field as well as Metty. I truly attribute my "cupeth runneth over" to her in pushing me during MUN, WHAP, and Global Affairs. She is truly a great gem HC has to offer in my opinion."