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COVID Safety

In addition to the many common adjustments to facilities for a safe learning, Houston Christian added Bipolar Ionization to our HVAC units in the gym, weight room, cafeteria, chapel and auditorium.  This technology in air handlers captures dust and virus particles and binds them together, immediately eliminating the virus from circulating through high concentration areas of campus. 
The total cost for installing bipolar ionization on our campus equals $136,000.  For example, to finish adding to Drake Performing Arts Building ($10,000), Brown Family Dance Studio ($5,100), and Four Classroom Buildings (1 air handling system per area, price varies). 
The total cost to finish the school involves 25 air handling units and 29 fan coil units that run approximately $2,500/$2,800 each. Different buildings require different sizes of units and different quantities of units.
As you may suspect, the unexpected cost of these enhancements and systems far exceeds our budget, and yet is essential and must be prioritized for the health and safety of our school community.
Would you please be part of this solution to finish the bipolar ionization of our campus by supporting the cost of installation to provide the safest environment for our students?

COVID Safety*

* Please note that this gift is credited to our COVID safety fund and is different/separated from your Mustang Fund gift.