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Founded by six local churches of different denominations, Houston Christian High School is centered around the basic tenets of Christianity.
Houston Christian is founded under the providence of God and with the conviction that there is a need for a school in this community which will train the minds, develop the moral character, and enrich the spiritual lives of all those who may come within its sphere of influence. Because of this, biblical principles are woven throughout all classes and extracurriculars, allowing students, staff, and visitors to see Christ in every aspect of life.
Houston Christian students are not required to be of the Christian faith; however, we focus on biblical literacy, discipleship, and service in order to develop servant leaders. This servant leadership is seen displayed all over campus. In spiritual life, students have the opportunity to be worship leaders, elected student chaplains, and discipleship group leaders.

Students are required to attend weekly chapel services, which allows them to incorporate worship into their school life. Community groups provide an opportunity for students to be led by faculty and staff in a more focused time of sharing and reflection. For those students interested in pursuing their faith outside school hours, Houston Christian hosts student-led discipleship groups on specific evenings.

Houston Christian also encourages students to act out their faith through service. Through partnerships with local and international service organizations, Spring Spirit and Hope International, our students engage with their communities through volunteering and an annual Missions Emphasis Week.

Houston Christian desires to see all its students thrive in every aspect of life. We hope you will join us in transforming the world one student at a time!

Pack-A-Thon Event 2022

2022 Missions Emphasis Week

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  • Overview

    We are looking forward to our annual Missions Emphasis Week. We will begin the week on Monday and Tuesday with Chapel services, where we will hear from two young Houston natives who have spent a number of years serving on the foreign mission field. We're excited to have them share about God's calling on their lives individually and their experiences living a missional lifestyle, serving in countries where there are few missionaries serving. We will close out our week with the International Festival on Thursday. 
    On Wednesday, as part of our Missions Emphasis Week and focus on service, our HC faculty and students will join together to participate in our first on-campus Pack-A-Thon in partnership with Feed The Hunger. We'll be packing 75,000 meals on campus that will be distributed to partnering FTH ministries in a third-world country. We are excited to see what God will do in and through us as we unite to serve in this way!
  • Missionary Speaker: Kayla Cradit

    Kayla Cradit was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from East Texas Baptist University and is currently pursuing a Master of Theology with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Missions from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kayla also served in Wales as a missionary for two years where she learned so much about God’s love for His people. Kayla has a huge passion for soccer and has played since the age of three. God has used that in powerful ways in her life such at East Texas Baptist University all four years and while she was in Wales. One of Kayla’s greatest prayers is to see the next generation step into the calling God has placed on their lives. She is currently working as one of the Youth Associates at Houston’s First Baptist Church and has the heart to see students disciple others to live a life sold out for God. 
  • Missionary Speaker: Billy Honeck

    Billy Honeck grew up in northwest Houston. He attended Crown College in Minnesota for his undergrad where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Ministry. He is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Alliance Theological Seminary in New York City. For the past decade, Billy has been positioning himself to serve the Lord overseas with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. For the past three years, Billy served as a youth pastor at a church on Cape Cod in Massachusetts as he continued his overseas preparations. During his time on Cape, Billy also was ordained in The Alliance. For the next few months, Billy is preparing to move to Berlin, Germany where he will be church planting among a growing displaced people group from a sensitive region. Billy has a passion for languages and is excited for what the next few months hold in store. Lastly, he desires for people to recognize their own giftings in order to serve the Lord. 
  • Missionary Speaker: G. House

    G. has been living missionally since high school, both locally and abroad, having recently completed her 24th international mission trip. G's unique calling is not only to live missionally here in Houston, but to dedicate her life to advocating on behalf of widows, orphans, and marginalized people in desolate places, leveraging her influence, speaking abilities, mobilization gifts, relationship building efforts, and resource-raising abilities for the kingdom of God to be advanced across the globe. G's work over the last decade has been focused in Africa. G. serves currently as the Executive Director of The Vine Uganda. 
  • Community Day of Service: Feed The Hunger

    We'll be packing 75,000 meals on campus that will be distributed to partnering FTH ministries in a third-world country. As we know, both locally and abroad, food insecurity is an issue on the rise, and struggling communities have been more deeply affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helping to meet the practical needs of those in our global community opens up the opportunity for FTH partners to meet the spiritual needs of their recipients. 

    Additional Information on Feed The Hunger:
    Feed the Hunger (FTH), founded in 1968, is a Christian ministry that knows every child wants to succeed, but many don't have the resources they need. Without proper nutrition, education, and spiritual guidance, it's easy for them to feel defeated. FTH believes every child deserves to experience the love of God and the opportunity to grow and learn. So how do they make this happen? Using reliable global partnerships, FTH identifies vulnerable children at risk of starvation or malnutrition and provides immediate nutritional resources while investing in their long-term success through education and spiritual growth. They have 42 global partners in 20 countries, including the United States. 

    Total meals packed: over 30 million and counting
    Bibles distributed: 28,216 (in 2020)
    Edu-Pack backpacks provided: 2,500 (in 2020)
    Children in FTH programs: over 13,000

Chapel Speakers

Matthew 28:19 (NIV)

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit . . .”