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Mission & Vision Statement

Houston Christian High School is a college preparatory school dedicated to the highest academic standards for the development of moral character, the enrichment of spiritual lives, and the perpetuation of growth in Christian ideals.

Vision Statement

Inspiring young people to lead: uniting faith, intellect, and gifts to reach their greatest promise.

Diversity Statement

Houston Christian values, cultivates, and celebrates cultural, ethnic, religious, and academic diversity and is committed to strengthening the students' vision of honor, community, heritage, and scholarship through classroom experiences, curricular programs, and leadership initiatives.

Core Values

Honor: Demonstrate integrity through ethical decision making.

Community: Serve one another in harmony with humility and honesty.

Heritage: Pursue the ideals of the Christian faith in heart, mind and action.

Scholarship: Cultivate intellectual vitality throughout the curriculum.

Statement of Faith

To ensure the perpetuation of these concepts, it is resolved by the founders of the school that all who become associated with Houston Christian High School as a member, trustee, officer, administrator, faculty, or staff member must believe and publicly acknowledge his belief of the tenets below.

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God

  • God created the world out of nothing

  • Jesus Christ is the pre-existent Son of God and was born of a virgin

  • Jesus Christ died to pay the price for the sins of all people

  • Jesus Christ was bodily resurrected from the grave

  • By God’s grace, repentance and acceptance of and belief in Him, the individual is saved to abundant and eternal life in the presence and power of the Triune God.

It is further resolved that the teachings of this school shall never deviate from the above principles.

'I had a group I ate lunch with called the "Lunch Bunch," which met in Mr. Lister's classroom. Mr. Lister liked to call us "the vultures." Mr. Lister was always available after school for discussion and has been a source of wisdom and advice in my important decisions and biblical questions. He constantly encouraged me to read the Word daily and research my questions to ensure I had the right conclusion and thought process. I learned the value of questioning and striving to be a lifelong learner. I hope to carry the wisdom of Mr. Lister into college and the years after."

Athena Co



"My Houston Christian education has given me so many opportunities far beyond what I could have ever thought or dreamed. The Fine Arts department allowed me to excel not only as a performer, but as a whole person. What stand out to me in my time at HC are the numerous teachers and peers I have met who truly care about me and the individual I am becoming inside and out of the classroom."

Remy Garfield



"My favorite aspect of HC was the opportunity to be so involved my senior year. I was the co-captain of the cheerleading squad, Student Council public relations officer, a Student Ambassador, a D-group leader, member of the Passport to Lead program, and a member of the Diversity Club. HC has taught me to always strive for what I want and never stop trying."

Sarah Zepeda

2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77043

P: (713) 580-6000

F: (713) 580-6001

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