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The Athletics Department of Houston Christian High School strives to strengthen the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our students through a healthy development of competition and community. It’s our goal that every student who wishes to play high school athletics receive a positive, quality experience while at Houston Christian by providing a place where students of any skill level can connect with their peers through our dynamic sports training and intentional coaches.

Houston Christian is a member of the Southern Preparatory Conference, which structures its league to allow students to play up to three sports per year during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Houston Christian offers 13 different sports, along with a strength and development coach who will provide personalized programs in our Harrell Family Strength and Conditioning Center. 

2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, TX 77043

P: (713) 580-6000

F: (713) 580-6001

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