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Neighborhoods to Nations
Vision for 2023

A vision for Houston Christian that lifts Christian education from the ordinary, reconnects with God’s greater purpose, prepares within students a foundation for leadership, and challenges students to develop their life-calling. 

Our Vision for 2023 - HC's 25th Anniversary
Neighborhoods to Nations is a comprehensive, multiyear plan that casts a vision of extraordinaory Christian education for Houston Christian High School. It provides the blueprint to prepare students with a foundation for leadership, challenges them to develop a life-calling, and sets them on a path to impact the world for Christ. The plan sets a course for Houston Christian through 2023, our school's 25th anniversary.

The Neighborhoods to Nations plan includes four major initiatives under which the growth of Houston Christian and its mission are supported and enhanced. 

Promote Global Opportunities in Education, Service and Leadership 

Neighborhoods to Nations seeks to promote global opportunities in education, service and leadership by:   

  • Expanding global understanding and influence
  • Developing a life-calling curriculum for students
  • Creating and fostering multinational relationships and opportunities for students and faculty
  • Developing cross-cultural skills within our students, faculty and community

Develop Outstanding Leadership Programs 

Neighborhoods to Nations recognizes the unique opportunity and responsibility Houston Christian has to equip future leaders through the resources provided at the George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. The plan seeks to develop outstanding leadership programs by: 

  • Refining the foundation of leadership training to: Enrich leadership training across all classes; model leadership characteristics before the community; connect the life-calling value with our vision for training tomorrow's leaders
  • Expanding the stature and influence of the Bush Center to add value to the HC experience
  • Developing and broadening leadership programs and internships

Build an Exceptional Faculty 

Neighborhoods to Nations requires a mature, global-minded faculty, skilled and committed to Houston Christian’s vision for exemplary Christian education in order to lead well-prepared students to a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives. The plan seeks to build an exceptional faculty by: 

  • Attracting and retaining exemplary faculty members who model life-calling principles before students
  • Ensuring that the culture of the school promotes excellence
  • Maintaining salaries at competitive levels
  • Enhancing faculty culture through broad-based professional development
  • Strengthening curriculum programs and technology 

Optimize Resources and Capabilities 

Neighborhoods to Nations recognizes that excellence in Christian education begins by optimizing the resources and capabilities of the school, thereby expanding opportunities for increased influence beyond Houston and throughout the world. The plan maximizes resources and capabilities by: 

  • Optimizing faculty and staff levels appropriate to achieve the Neighborhoods to Nations vision 
  • Maintaining, improving and expanding facilities to complement these initiatives and strengthen our competitive position in the marketplace 
  • Elevating Houston Christian’s distinctive brand awareness 
  • Stabilizing enrollment at 525 students  
  • Achieving sustainable financial strength through endowment growth and debt reduction 

"God's plan for all of us is infinitely bigger than we have ever dreamed. We have limited vision, and we look at our own resources and plan accordingly. Do not determine what God wants to do in your life by what you can see. Let him decide that."

From This Day with the Master by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw


"From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth, and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live."

Acts 17:26 NIV

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