HC's Bert Wins Tommy Tune Lead Actor Award

Houston Christian junior Adam Kral took home the coveted Leading Actor Award from Theatre Under the Stars this week during the Tommy Tune Awards.

Kral was named among the top eight lead actors out of 51 schools for his role as Bert in Houston Christian High School's production of "Mary Poppins The Broadway Musical."  He was then chosen for the award after a secondary audition in the weeks leading up to the awards show.

Kral will now travel to New York for the Jimmy Awards on May 24 where he will compete against leading high school actors from around the country. Kral will participate in a 10 day theatre intensive leading up to the Jimmy Awards where he will have the opportunity to meet leading names in musical theatre.

“Adam takes his passion for theatre very seriously. He does an incredible job researching character. His strength is that he is always looking for ways to improve his craft. He truly loves musical theatre.” Houston Christian High School Theatre Director Bobby Linhart said.

Kral will be joined in New York by Linhart, who has been mentoring Kral in theatre since the student was in elementary school.

“I'm ecstatic to receive this award, but at the forefront of my mind I see the work and responsibility this amazing honor has placed on my lap.” Kral said. “I’ve been so grateful for the support and guidance shown to me through Mr. Linhart and Houston Christian. It was here that I learned not to suppress the things you love. Instead, let them grow and be tested by other sectors of real life.”