A Houston Christian Education

Where Learning Becomes Leading

Houston Christian High School engages students in an empowering, dynamic education from a Christian worldview developing young adults into effective and impactful leaders. With nearly 70 percent of its faculty awarded advanced degrees, Houston Christian provides rigorous, collegiate-style academic programs where students are challenged to discover their potential and to become difference-makers in their communities.

A Houston Christian education goes beyond a transference of knowledge and develops a rich culture of learning and inquiry that has produced National Merit Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, perfect SAT and ACT scores, and graduates who attend the most esteemed universities in the country. In addition, our graduating classes regularly receive more than $7 million in collegiate scholarships. Our alumni frequent corporate boardrooms, Broadway stages, courtrooms, pulpits, and classrooms around the world. We take pride in the success of our students and look forward to celebrating future graduates as they positively contribute to communities around the globe through their careers and service.

Explore the links below to read specifically on how each of our departments works toward student success. We welcome your questions and look forward to partnering with you on your students’ educational journey.

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  • Bible Department

    The Houston Christian Bible Department strives to teach students how to interpret and apply the Bible through various hands-on, dynamic, interactive, and scholarly approaches. Through four required courses, one each year, students are introduced to the Old and New Testaments and principles of Christian leadership. Students also take a Christian perspectives class that explores a variety of logical, philosophical, and theological perspectives, comparing each to a biblical Christian worldview.

    Houston Christian requires these classes to allow students the opportunity to discover their own unique God-given callings. We also highly encourage students to serve in the multitude of volunteer and leadership roles on campus to further their spiritual development. Our alumni regularly serve overseas in short and long-term mission work and vocational ministry where they spread the love of God to people from all walks of life all around the world.
  • English Department

    As the largest academic department on campus, members of our English faculty foster a deep love of literature, culture, and art in order to elevate student creativity, critical thinking skills, and a deeper engagement with the written word.

    Houston Christian offers a wide variety of courses, which support and challenge every level of student. Our English faculty boasts more than 180 years of teaching experience and includes Houston Christian alumni among its number. Faculty to student ratios are intentionally kept low to facilitate personalized attention to fully develop students’ written communication skills and provide rich feedback on student work.

    Students are required to take an English class each year, with Pre-Advanced Placement courses available during the freshmen and sophomore years, and Advanced Placement available for juniors and seniors. Students must meet certain requirements to be accepted into  AP courses.

    We also encourage students to compete in national and state events such as Scholastic Art & Writing, This I Believe, and Letters About Literature, further strengthening their skills as they grow into effective communicators.
  • Foreign Language Department

    The study of foreign languages at Houston Christian High School is motivated by the recognition that God is the source of all true knowledge and that in His goodness, He has granted us the means to communicate with Him and with others around the world.

    Technology is used where appropriate to enhance the learning experience and to connect students directly with the cultures they are studying. In addition, students progress in their critical thinking and analysis skills through classroom discussions and assignments that focus on the literature and cultures associated with the language they are studying. Leadership lessons are also integrated into the curriculum throughout the year.The foreign language department seeks to acquaint students with the richness of cultures and languages different from their own and to equip them to communicate in a foreign language in a culturally appropriate way. This involves development of linguistic skills in the areas of aural comprehension, reading, writing and oral expression.
  • Math Department

    In Houston Christian’s Math Department, students of all levels find the support needed to refine and strengthen their mathematical abilities. Our six highly-qualified instructors use a variety of teaching methods, including problem-based learning and flipped classrooms, while integrating technology through dynamic geometric software and calculators when appropriate. These highly effective, research-based teaching methods stimulate learning through class discussion and student inquiry, producing an average Advanced Placement exam passing rate of 90 percent in both Calculus and Statistics, with multiple students earning perfect Math SAT scores in recent years.

    Students also have the opportunity to test their skills outside the classroom by participating in the qualifying exams for the International Mathematics Olympiad and multiple university math competitions throughout the year. Students are encouraged to participate in the school’s math club.

    Houston Christian students graduate equipped to face the rigor of collegiate math, some progressing on to master or doctoral programs at the most prestigious schools in the country. 

    Math Department's Mission Statement: Uniting the faith, talents, and resources of its instructors, the mission of the HC Mathematics Department is to provide a personalized, active learning experience for all its students in preparation for the rigors of university-level mathematics.  We are committed to acting on current research in mathematics education and ongoing professional development.  The appropriate use of trending technologies, standards-based assessment and the integration of statistics into core courses are hallmarks of an HC Mathematics Education.
  • Science Department

    In the Houston Christian Science Department, students explore God’s creation through scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and academic research. Our faculty continuously strives to challenge students through independent learning and instructional techniques, such as flipped classrooms, Socratic discussion, inquiry-based experimentation, and peer review. These methods empower students to apply knowledge to real-world situations and prepare them for the advanced independent learning of higher education.

    Houston Christian is constantly expanding its state-of-the-art facilities and using cutting-edge technology both in and out of the classroom. Biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and robotics are also available to students. Houston Christian is exploring plans to add an Innovation Lab in the near future to support the growth of engineering courses and our award-winning robotics team.

    Our Science Department takes pride in the number of alumni now serving in hospitals, veterinary clinics, and research labs around the country. 
  • Social Sciences Department

    Houston Christian High School empowers students to promote positive change in their communities. The Houston Christian Social Sciences Department takes pride in challenging our students to become servant leaders, civic minded citizens, and lifelong learners.

    Through an array of courses covering global issues, American and world history, US government, economics, and psychology, students gain critical knowledge of the social sciences, all within the context of a spiritual worldview. Teachers in the Social Sciences Department craft engaging lessons which incorporate research based strategies such as Socratic seminar, debate, evaluation, and role play. The faculty also emphasizes writing, close reading, and performance-based assessment.

    The Social Sciences Department provides students with several opportunities for extracurricular involvement and community service including Model United Nations Club, Diversity Club, National Honor Society, and Student Council.


Technology is an integral part of the learning process at Houston Christian High School.

The school utilizes the latest technologies to enhance the learning experience for all students. The cornerstone of the technology program is the one-to-one laptop initiative. All students have a laptop computer that provides access to online curriculum resources. Laptops operate in an 802.11n environment that allows wireless access to the Internet and the internal network from locations across the campus.

In addition to the one-to-one laptop initiative, the campus technology program includes classroom projectors, printers, document cameras, SMARTBoards and a business class network that incorporates both industry and educational software titles.