Strategic Plan

Dr. Denis Kinlaw, This Day with the Master

“God’s plan for all of us is infinitely bigger than we have ever dreamed."

Casting a Vision

Neighborhoods to Nations is a comprehensive, multi-year plan that casts a vision for exemplary Christian education for Houston Christian High School. Neighborhoods to Nations provides the blueprint to prepare students with a foundation for leadership, challenge them to develop a life calling, and set them on a path to impact the world for Christ from their neighborhoods to all nations. The plan sets a course for Houston Christian through our 25th anniversary in 2023.  

Global Opportunities

  • Expanding our base of understanding and influence globally;
  • Developing a life-calling curriculum for students;
  • Creating and fostering multi-national relationships and opportunities for students and faculty, and
  • Developing cross-cultural skills and a global understanding within our students, faculty and community.

Leadership Programs

  • Enhance leadership training across all classes;
  • Model leadership characteristics before the community; and
  • Connect the life-calling value with our vision for training tomorrow’s leaders
  • Enhancing the stature and influence of the Bush Center to add value to the HC experience
  • Developing and expanding leadership programs and internships

Exemplary Faculty

  • Modeling life-calling principles before students;
  • Ensuring that the culture of the school promotes excellence; and
  • Maintaining salaries at competitive levels.
  • Enhancing faculty culture through broad based professional development
  • Enhancing programs, curriculum and technology

Optimize Resources

  • Optimizing faculty and staff levels appropriate to achieve the Neighborhood to Nations vision
  • Maintaining, improving and expanding facilities to complement these initiatives and build a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Elevating Houston Christian’s distinctive brand awareness
  • Stabilizing enrollment at 525 students
  • Achieving sustainable financial strength through endowment growth and debt reduction
Long-term Benefits
  • Enhancing HC’s preeminent college preparatory school positioning
  • Making Houston Christian the school of choice for students, faculty and staff
    • Attracting and retaining a high quality and diverse student body
    • Attracting and retaining exceptional faculty and staff
  • Creating and enhancing exemplary academic curriculum and programs
  • Enhancing comprehensive leadership development programs
  • Strengthening the role and reach of The Bush Center
  • Developing a deeper understanding and commitment to one’s life-calling
  • Expanding and enhancing facilities to compliment and support curricular and co-curricular programs and permit the development of student talents in the arts and athletics
  • Teaching through curriculum and programs, cross-cultural skills and the importance of a global perspective that broadens international influence
  • Securing the school’s financial position by creating long lasting financial stability and sustainability