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ASO Ankle Brace - Chronic Ankle Instability

The ASO ® (Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis) Ankle Brace's remarkable support, comfort and durability has made it the sports medicine professional’s choice for effective treatment and prevention of most ankle sprains. The ASO offers better support than ankle taping and is comfortable, easy to put on, and reusable. The ASO Ankle Brace fits easily and comfortably into a normal athletic or street shoe and its non-stretch stabilizing straps simulate the basketweave technique of an athletic taping application, effectively locking the heel. Plus, the straps can be retightened at any time – without removing the shoe. The ASO Ankle Brace also fits either the left or right foot. This is the ankle brace that delivers exceptional performance for superior patient results. 

Shock Doctor Mouth Guards

The always reliable, never-fail Gel Max Mouthguard, striving to deliver all the essentials from protection to comfort. This multi-material mouthguard is easy to use and a universal fit for all ages.

Personalize your Gel-Max by choosing from one of our 11 colors to make this mouthguard your very own.

  • High impact shock absorption
  • Ultimate custom gel fit

This product is not for use with braces.

Sacro Wedgy - Chronic Low Back Pain

Learn about the evolution of the Sacro Wedgy® and how it has helped lower back pain, hip pain, "pain in the butt", common to runners, golfers, tennis players and all athletics. Learn how it has helped others with fibromyalgia, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, knee pain, back pain, sciatica and more. The Sacro Wedgy® is not ALWAYS a quick fix, but it's great when it is! The Sacro Wedgy® is a "tool" to use and like any "tool", you will get out of it, what you put into it. You're taking responsibility for your own back care.

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Read about ImPACT Concussion testing. 

Impact Testing Instructions

AOK Physicals with HC Fact Sheet

HC 2017 Summer Training Program with DST
There are several time options to choose from this year, including an all female class! Athletes who sign up before May 6th will get an additional $50 off their summer training - paying $300 instead of $549 - and receive a free dri-fit shirt!  Click the link below for details! 
HCHS Summer Training Program 


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