The Dance program at HC allows young artists the opportunity to appreciate and experience the history and culture of dance. Whether you're interested in dance classes, an auditioned dance repertory program, or drill team (managed through our athletics program), we have a varied selection for students to get involved in dance.

Students will explore dance as a form of art, expression and worship. Dancers will enjoy a sense of self-discipline and accomplishment as they discover the creative process. The dance program offers technique and study in the genres of ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, social and world dance. Courses are offered as physical education, elective or fine arts credit. Each year the department hosts a Spring Dance Concert!

"My most memorable moment at HC was most definitely when we beat East Bernard in football my senior year. That was the moment I experienced the most unity with the team and was the most proud to be a part of the Mustang family. One of the greatest traits I have attained at HC is the fearless courage to step out and be different from the rest of the world. This is key, because I know that people will always look at me differently because of my faith and now, I have the courage to tell them why I love Christ."

Ryland Hennessey



"Houston Christian has given me a community where I  grew and reached my utmost potential. I have grown in my faith, confidence, leadership and character. There is no better place that I can say that can do all of these things."

Courtney King




"When I look back on my time at HC, I can't decide on a specific memory because there are too many. I am so thankful for all my teachers and friends. Some of my greatest memories are in Mr. Lister's classroom. Not only was it where I learned Geometry, but it also became my second home and where I would eat lunch every day with my friends."

Sofia Vazquez

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